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Kristina Olsen lyrics
Genre: Blues
Kristina Olsen (1992) 01. I Cannot Live Without You [add]
02. I'll Be Home Tonight [add]
03. Wish You'd Stop Doing So Well [add]
04. My Father's Piano [add]
05. Cry You a Waterfall [add]
06. Look Out [add]
07. John Henry [add]
08. Practicing Walking Away [add]
09. Shades of Gray [add]
10. Lousy Night for Music [add]
11. I Look So Happy/Triangle Mouth Waltz [add]

Love, Kristina (1993) 01. How Can You Think That I Don't Know [add]
02. Little Failings [add]
03. Hard Day Yesterday [add]
04. Little Brother Sure Can Dance [add]
05. If I Could Tell You [add]
06. Love, Kristina [add]
07. Keeping This Life of Mine (Song for Battered Women) [add]
08. Five Year Old [add]
09. Lucky [add]
10. Power of Loving You [add]
11. This Bed of Ours [add]
12. Live Man in the Dead of Night [add]

Hurry on Home (1995) 01. Hurry on Home [add]
02. Angel of Death [add]
03. The Man With the Bright Red Car [add]
04. I Don't Care What You Say [add]
05. Love Is a Sometimes Thing [add]
06. It Feels So Good to Be Free [add]
07. He's Still in Love With You [add]
08. Love Isn't Safe [add]
09. Uh-Huh [add]
10. My World Falls Away [add]
11. I Just Want You to Hold Me [add]

Duet (1997) 01. The Night He Left [add]
02. Already Gone [add]
03. I Don't Want to Be Your Friend [add]
04. Stay in Love With You [add]
05. Heart Hill [add]
06. Eight Short Minutes [add]
07. Pillow Talk [add]
08. The Three Bears [add]
09. A Good Friend Like You [add]
10. Uh Huh [add]
11. Brownsville [add]
12. My Father's Piano [add]
13. I Cannot Live Without You [add]
14. Live Into [add]
15. Wish You'd Stop Doing So Well [add]
16. Battleplan [add]
17. Keep Left [Spoken] [add]

Live From Around the World (1997) 01. Walking Blues [add]
02. Love, Kristina [add]
03. Folding Bicycle [add]
04. Hurry on Home [add]
05. Roommates [add]
06. The Kind of Mood I'm In [add]
07. If I Could Tell You [add]
08. Dangerous [add]
09. In My Arms [add]
10. Proposal [add]
11. Live Man in the Dead of Night [add]
12. Something to Despise [add]
13. Guitar Camp [add]
14. Your Little Brother Sure Can Dance [add]
15. Gay Friends [add]
16. The Power of Loving You [add]
17. Prop. 187 [add]
18. Maria [add]
19. Alaska [add]
20. Come on in My Kitchen [add]
21. TV Free America [add]
22. Better Than TV [add]
23. Gila National Forest [add]
24. Cry You a Waterfall [add]

Truth of a Woman (2000) 01. Spend the Whole Night With You [add]
02. The Truth of a Woman [add]
03. Rainy Night in Chinatown [add]
04. The Yellow Piper [add]
05. Phoebe's Iceberg [add]
06. Part Time Love [add]
07. Headlights on the Highway [add]
08. If I Stayed [add]
09. I Am Ashamed [add]
10. Between This Woman and This Man [add]
11. Big O [add]

All Over Down Under (2001) 01. Fallen Bicycle [add]
02. Hey I Want That Back [add]
03. Portsoaken [add]
04. One That Didn't Get Away [add]
05. Dance Camp [add]
06. How I Love This Tango [add]
07. Sweet William [add]
08. Peter's Intro [add]
09. Raphael & Hilary [add]
10. Thanksgiving Talk [add]
11. Thankful [add]
12. Wilson's Promontory [add]
13. Tony's Sax [add]
14. Lesbian Dream [add]
15. Last Night [add]
16. Projectionist Job [add]
17. Taste of Summer [add]
18. The Weekend Is Here [add]
19. Life Drawing [add]
20. The Truth of a Woman [add]
21. Touring England [add]
22. The Man With the Bright Red Car [add]
23. TV Free America [add]
24. Better Than TV [add]

In Your Darkened Room (2004) 01. It All Get's So Peaceful [add]
02. A Bruxa [add]
03. State of Grace [add]
04. In Your Darkened Room [add]
05. Michael and Julia [add]
06. The Cloak [add]
07. Bown's Lament [add]
08. Jenny Pearl [add]
09. Proximity [add]
10. Three Circus 3 [add]
11. Time to Let Go [add]

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