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The Fair Sex lyrics
Genre: Rock
Machine Bites (1994) 01. They Exist [add]
02. Not Now, Not Here [add]
03. Primitiv Kulture [add]
04. Franctic (Dare to Run) [add]
05. You Are Simply.... Human [add]
06. What S to Be Done Now [add]
07. Casket Tower [add]
08. Anne. Lyz [add]
09. Vengeance Z. Cut [add]
10. Prisca Laughing Mouth Edit [add]
11. Soulspirit the Real Spirit [add]
12. Woe [add]
13. Alaska 3 Refv [add]
14. No Rescue [add]
15. Cold Contempt [add]
16. Shatter That Gate [add]
17. Shelter Endless Sighs Edit [add]
18. Haematic [add]

Labyrinth (1995) 01. White Noise [add]
02. Electronic New Self [add]
03. Cyberbite [add]
04. Mother Restless [add]
05. You Know How [add]
06. Madadonia [add]
07. White World Wanker [add]
08. The Tide Is Turning [add]
09. Run and Hide [add]
10. Sister Anger [add]
11. Miss Dissatisfied [add]
12. Get Lost [add]
13. In the Desert [add]
14. Epilogue [add]
15. Electronic New Self [Electronic Spasm Mix] [add]
16. White Noise [Pure Joy Mix] [add]

Fine We Are Alive (1997) 01. A Body With a Mind [add]
02. Shelter [add]
03. The House of Unkinds [add]
04. Soulspirit: Antifascism [add]
05. No Excuse [add]
06. The Pain That No One Knows [add]
07. Outragged and Moved-Floor Egad [add]
08. Fat Bellie's Hunger [add]
09. That's It (And That's All) [add]
10. Eat Me [add]
11. Compassion/Grief [add]

The Dark Ages (2005) 01. Divine Service [add]
02. The Pain That No One Knows [add]
03. The Black Anger [add]
04. Hanging in Kareyth [add]
05. Bushman [add]
06. Atrocity [add]
07. The Jumping [add]
08. To the Cellar [add]
09. Faceless [add]
10. Nervous Jesus [add]
11. The Odour of Rottenness [add]
12. No Excuse [add]
13. The House of Unkinds [add]
14. The Naked and the Dead [add]
15. Helpless Fall [add]
16. Boredom Kills [add]
17. What the Devil [add]
18. The Wild Ones Fade [add]
19. Alyens [add]
20. Machine [add]
21. Jungle Child [add]
22. Atr [add]
23. Forbidden Pleasure [add]

Drop Your Anxiety (2006) 01. Alaska [Hookline Assembler] [add]
02. Outraged and Moved [dub] [add]
03. Shelter [TFS. TDC Act] [add]
04. Fat Bellies' Hunger [Greed Version] [add]
05. Haematic [Essentials-Compilator] [add]
06. Soulspirit [Spiritualized] [add]
07. Prisca [Pale Moon Edit] [add]
08. You Have to Eat Me Now [add]
09. White Noise [All for Nothing Version] [add]
10. Shelter [live] [add]

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