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Destroy lyrics
Genre: Rock
Necropolis (1997) 01. Remote Control Phyrric Victory [add]
02. Prey in School [add]
03. Death Through Vanity I [add]
04. Death Through Vanity II Salvation in Death [add]
05. Hysteria [add]
06. Burn Down the Mall [add]
07. Crowd Control lyrics
08. God Squad [add]
09. Death of a Generation [add]
10. The Revoltion Will Not Be Analog [add]
11. Necropolis [add]
12. War Without Mercy [add]
13. MCMLXVIII [add]
14. Misery [add]
15. All-American Working Class Hero [add]
16. Dogfight [add]
17. Sword of Damocles [add]
18. War on Wankers 94 [add]
19. Stop Thinking and Follow [add]
20. Laid to Waste [add]
21. Another Religion Another War [add]
22. Render Unto Caesar [add]
23. Chains of Torment [add]
24. Redneck [add]
25. Banality of Evil [add]
26. Get Used to It [add]
27. Genocide [add]
28. Ode to Ramon [add]
29. Burn the Racist System Down [add]
30. Atomic Myopia lyrics
31. Anthem, Ad Nuasem, F.Y.I.P [add]
32. Crowd Control lyrics
33. Enforced Orthodoxy lyrics
34. Prey in School [add]
35. Legal Habits [add]
36. Vile Horrendous Aerial Bombardment [add]
37. Dead to the World [add]
38. See Through Their Lies [add]
39. Obedience [add]
40. Defiance [add]
41. Yuppie Beware [add]
42. The Hordes of Destruction Santa-God [add]
43. Children's Crusade [add]
44. We're Strong to the Finish 'Cos We Eats Our Spinach [add]
45. Total Fucking Chaos [add]
46. Us Vs. The World II [add]
47. Fucking Alternative [add]
48. Doom of the Greedy [add]

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