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Dave Petitjean lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Humor Cajun Style (2001) 01. Introduction and Drippings [add]
02. Thumb Personality [add]
03. Never Have a Bad Day [add]
04. Telephone Tactics [add]
05. Bold and the Bald and the Sex Machine [add]
06. Mule Eggs [add]
07. Where's the Potty? [add]
08. Onezimes Army Days [add]
09. Tante Lala [add]
10. Parish Priest and Mr. Perfect [add]
11. Cajun Cooking [add]
12. Who's Heas of the House [add]
13. How to Balance Your Checking Account [add]
14. Laughter Is Best Medicine [add]
15. Introduction and Dave Who? [add]
16. Cajunizing a Motel [add]
17. Hairy Tales [add]
18. Onezimes New Job [add]
19. The Empty Filling Station [add]
20. Dog House Blues [add]
21. Furniture Diesease [add]
22. Texans at School [add]
23. Counterfeiting Texans [add]
24. Who's Got the Time [add]
25. Onezimes Good News [add]
26. Two Roosters [add]
27. Cajun Airline [add]
28. Smile [add]

Strictly Cajun (2002) 01. Introduction: Watch the Accent [add]
02. Beautiful Girls and Courting [add]
03. Married Life [add]
04. Angel and Who's Boss [add]
05. Raising Pigs [add]
06. Pronounced It Right [add]
07. My Poor Bull [add]
08. Church Bulletins [add]
09. Smart Beagles [add]
10. Vide and Ovide Jr. [add]
11. Onezime the Fast Thinker [add]
12. Parachute [add]
13. Second Opinion [add]
14. Red Boudreaux [add]
15. Texans Onezime and Donuts [add]
16. Cajun Air Files Again [add]
17. Who's a Cajun [add]
18. Cajun Nite Before Christmas [add]
19. Secrets of a Cajun Marriage [add]
20. Cajuns in the Army [add]
21. It Pays to Pray [add]
22. Clesma's Bear Hunt [add]
23. The Graveyard [add]
24. Cajun Education [add]
25. Don't Give up the Ship [add]
26. Beatnik Menu [add]
27. Pass a Good Time Every Nite [add]
28. Know When to Quit [add]
29. Cajun Dare Devil [add]
30. Mean Texan [add]
31. Hunting and Booze [add]
32. Hunt Dog Supreme [add]
33. Nut Like You [add]

Always Cajun (2004) 01. Home Town [add]
02. Blind Date [add]
03. Definition [add]
04. Who's Ugly? [add]
05. Who's Bald? [add]
06. Bald Advice [add]
07. Using Humor [add]
08. Internet Humor [add]
09. Too Small [add]
10. Finding Humor [add]
11. Lawyer Boo-Boos [add]
12. Ovide at School [add]
13. Ovide's Test & Party [add]
14. Senior Citizen [add]
15. Grandpa & 'Tante La-La [add]
16. Texas Aggies [add]
17. In the Army [add]
18. Marriage [add]
19. My Wife Audrey [add]
20. Marriage Secrets [add]
21. Marriage Advice [add]
22. Laugh [add]
23. Bible Laughs [add]
24. Sacrifice [add]

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