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Chris "The Greek" Panaghi lyrics
Genre: Electronica
You Just Don't Get It (0000) 01. You Just Don't Get It [Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Radio Mix] [add]
02. You Just Don't Get It [Klubjumpers Radio Mix] [add]
03. You Just Don't Get It [Electrik Pulse Radio Mix] [add]
04. You Just Don't Get It [DJ Extreme Breakbeat Radio Mix] [add]
05. You Just Don't Get It [Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Club Mix] [add]
06. You Just Don't Get It [Klubjumpers Club Mix] [add]
07. You Just Don't Get It [Electrik Pulse Club Mix] [add]
08. You Just Don't Get It [DJ Extreme Breakbeat Club Mix] [add]
09. You Just Don't Get It [Kevin Maroda Mix] [add]

You're in My House (1998) 01. Boriqua [Boriqua Breakdown Mix] [add]
02. Work [Long Island Mix] [add]
03. Take Me Higher [DJ Greek's Higher Club Mix] [add]
04. Ha-Ah [Greek's Club Mix] [add]
05. House [Greek's Main Mix] [add]
06. Move [Long Island Mix] [add]
07. OPA [Dallenger Mix] [add]
08. Come on, Get Up [Greek's Club Mix] [add]
09. Feel the Rhythm [Digital Groove Remix] [add]
10. Anxiety [DJ Greek's High Anxiety Mix] [add]
11. Pressure [DJ Greek's Pressurized Mix] [add]

Peak Hour (2000) 01. Armageddon [Millo Mix] [add]
02. Feel Free [DJ JamX and de Leon's Dumonde Remix] [add]
03. Feelings [X-Tended Mix] [add]
04. Angel Dust [Original Mix] [add]
05. The Best [Live Remix] [add]
06. Exodus [Push Remix] [add]
07. To the Rhythm [OriginalMix] [add]
08. Future Trance [Culture Croove Remix] [add]
09. Universal Nation [Sumonde Remix] [add]
10. The Hurricane [Millo Remix] [add]
11. Touch Me [Main Mix] [add]
12. The Orange Theme [Lawnmower Man Mix] [add]

Peak Hour, Vol. 2 (2001) 01. Ravers Rule [K-Traxx Mix] [add]
02. Symphony No. 9 [Original Mix] [add]
03. Technorocker [Warp Brothers Remix] [add]
04. One in a Million [DJ Pagano's Obsession Mix] [add]
05. New Style [Love da Bassline Mix] [add]
06. High Volume [Manuel V. Mix] [add]
07. Mosquito [Club Mix] [add]
08. Kamikaze [Original Mix] [add]
09. Code 303 [303 Mix] [add]
10. Uplifting [Original Mix] [add]
11. Wizard [Extended Club Mix] [add]
12. Yerba del Diablo [DJ Gius Remix] [add]

Live in the Mix with DJ Chris "The Greek" Panaghi (2002) 01. Live in the Mix (Intro) [add]
02. Blood Is Pumpin' [Club Mix] [add]
03. To Be Able to Love [Johnathan Peters Remix] [add]
04. Sunshine [Bradski and Jenski Mix] [add]
05. Superstring [Rank 1 Remix] [add]
06. Derb [Derbus Mix] [add]
07. Home [5 Am Club Mix] [add]
08. On the Move [DuMonde Remix] [add]
09. Shining Star [CJ Stone Club Mix] [add]
10. Join Me [A. Extended Club Mix] [add]
11. Running on Empty [Chris 'The Greek' Trancey Club Mix] [add]
12. Velvet Skies [Mario Lopez Remix] [add]
13. One Good Reason [Dezrok Remix] [add]
14. Let Me Love You [Chris 'The Greek' Remix] [add]
15. Happiness [Tall Paul Mix] [add]

The Time (2006) 01. The Time [Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Radio Mix] [add]
02. The Time [Twisted Dee Radio Mix] [add]
03. The Time [Klubjumpers Radio Anthem Mix] [add]
04. The Time [Crowd Control Radio Mix] [add]
05. The Time [DJ Extreme Breakbeat Radio Mix] [add]
06. The Time [Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Club Mix] [add]
07. The Time [Twisted Dee Club Mix] [add]
08. The Time [Klubjumpers Club Anthem Mix] [add]
09. The Time [Crowd Control Club Mix] [add]
10. The Time [DJ Extreme Breakbeat Club Mix] [add]
11. The Time [Kevin Maroda Remix] [add]

Working the Mix (2006) 01. Go Your Own Way [Club Edit] [add]
02. Overdrive [CTGP Club Mix] [add]
03. Take Me Away [Club Mix] [add]
04. DJ Play My Song [Krister T Club Mix] [add]
05. Girls Just Want to Have Fun [Hands Up Club Mix] [add]
06. Go! [Club Mix] [add]
07. Again [Darren Round UK Trance Mix] [add]
08. When I Look in Your Eyes [Club Mix] [add]
09. Love Is on the Way [Original Club Mix] [add]
10. Your Clothes [Club Mix] [add]
11. Are You Ready? [CP Club Mix] [add]
12. Ready to Fly Away [Club Mix] [add]
13. Coastal Shining [Club Mix] [add]
14. When I'm with You [Klubjumpers Club Mix] [add]

Pump (2007) 01. Pump [Chris "The Greek" Radio Mix] [add]
02. Pump [Stomping Radio Mix] [add]
03. Pump [Electrik Pulse Radio Mix] [add]
04. Pump [Chris "The Greek" Club Mix] [add]
05. Pump [Stomping Club Mix] [add]
06. Pump [Electrik Pulse Club Mix] [add]
07. Pump [Keven Maroda Remix] [add]

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