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Joe Viglione lyrics
Genre: Rock
I'm a Star (1978) 01. I'm a Star [add]
02. Foggy Notion [add]
03. The Guitarmaster [add]
04. Love Is Abandon [add]
05. Old Friend [add]
06. The Morn of the Confrontation [add]
07. Whiskey Mama [add]
08. Jodi [add]
09. I Thought You'd Be Mine [add]
10. The Salt Water Summers [add]
11. Andy's Revenge [add]
12. Run the Night Away [add]

Love & Flame (1980) 01. Moving Forward [add]
02. Love and the Flame [add]
03. Waiting Here for You [add]
04. Lejandami [add]
05. We've Years to Catch [add]
06. A Love [add]
07. Give It Everything You've Got [add]
08. Identity Crisis [add]
09. Find a Way [add]
10. Whenever I Explode [add]
11. What Would It Mean [add]
12. Theme from Dragon Court [add]

Intuition Element (1984) 01. Million Miles a Minute [add]
02. Auguste Winds [add]
03. Run the Night Away [add]
04. You Didn't Hear It from Me [add]
05. Experienced Again [add]
06. Reaction [add]
07. The Midnight Sun [add]
08. Wave Descends [add]
09. Somewhere Inside Today [add]
10. Here in My Heart [add]
11. The Intuition Element [add]
12. Again You Rock [add]
13. The Minute Impression [add]

Dimension Ten (1985) 01. You Pushed Me Near [add]
02. Riding Around Nowhere [add]
03. Outside Around [add]
04. The Midnight Sun (With Fudge Solo) [add]
05. Midnight Sun [Synth Intro W/Chris and Joe's Solos] [add]
06. The Midnight Sun [Piano Intro, Chris Solo] [add]
07. The Midnight Sun [Joe's Composition Solo] [add]
08. The Midnight Sun [instrumental] [add]
09. The Midnight Sun [Bass, Drums, Vocals] [add]
10. The Midnight Sun [No Guitar Solo] [add]
11. The Midnight Sun [The Intuition Element] [add]

New Changes (1985) 01. New Changes [add]
02. Follow You Back Home [add]
03. Fallen Star [add]
04. You Know What to Do [add]
05. Inside Outside [add]
06. Love Song Just for You [add]
07. Go On [add]
08. The Minute Impression [add]
09. Again You Rock [add]
10. Oh Love, Frustrating Love [add]
11. As Tears Go By [add]
12. Since the Years of Love [add]
13. Friend [add]

Life's Work (2005) 01. There's Nothing Like a Hit [add]
02. Wave Descends [add]
03. Lejandami [add]
04. Can't Tell Them Who You Really Are [add]
05. Secret Things [add]
06. Sail Away [add]
07. Friend [add]
08. Very Good Love [add]
09. Transporter 1 [add]
10. Transporter 2 [add]
11. I Go Fast [add]
12. Want You Sexually [add]
13. Experienced Again [add]
14. Reflect Love [add]
15. Go On [add]
16. Again U Rock [add]
17. Love & the Flame [add]
18. Minute Impression [add]
19. Transporter 3 [add]
20. Transporter [add]
21. There's Nothing Like a Hit [add]

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