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Michael de Jong lyrics
Genre: Blues
Grown Man Moan (1998) 01. Vienna Breakdown [add]
02. Between Me and You [add]
03. Mean Old World [add]
04. Grown Man Moan [add]
05. St. Peter's Got the Blues [add]
06. Drowning and Drowning [add]
07. Jailhouse Letter [add]
08. (This Time) I Won't Cry [add]
09. Mind If I Pass [add]
10. Wondering When She's Coming Home [add]
11. Slow, Slow Loving [add]
12. Good Byes [add]

Who's Fooling Who (1998) 01. Rollin' in Your Sweet Lovin' Arms [add]
02. No Fool Like an Old Fool [add]
03. Goin' Down the River [add]
04. The C.C. Blues [add]
05. Amsterdam Calling [add]
06. Horses of the Moon [add]
07. Has Your Heart Turned to Stone [add]
08. Can't Hide from My Love/Swing Low [add]
09. Angel Face [add]
10. The Carousel [add]
11. Never/Never Ever [add]
12. Blues Fell This Morning [add]
13. Who's Fooling Who [add]
14. Time Will Pass Like Rain [add]

Park Bench Serenade (2001) 01. Park Bench Serenade [add]
02. Time Will Pass Like Rain [add]
03. Waiting for the Rainbow [add]
04. Can't Find the Words [add]
05. Juliet on the Boulevard [add]
06. Somewhere Along the Way [add]
07. Silent Drinker [add]
08. Dear Theo [add]
09. More Than You'll Ever Know [add]
10. Flavour of the Month [add]

Alive (2003) 01. Blues for Jimmy [add]
02. How Things Might Have Been [add]
03. Black and White [add]
04. Domestication Blues [add]
05. Looking out of My Window [add]
06. Think It Over [add]
07. Blow Wind Blow [add]
08. Ricardo's Revenage [add]
09. River and the Stone [add]
10. Angel Face [add]
11. Mind If I Pass [add]

Immaculate Deception (2003) 01. Horses of the Moon [add]
02. Neutral Gorund [add]
03. Growing Up Too Fast [add]
04. Well My, My, My [add]
05. Dangerous Times [add]
06. Weekend Fathers, Part Time Mothers [add]
07. Immaculate Deception [add]
08. Prime Time [add]
09. Pretty Little Love Song [add]
10. Revelation 23 [add]

The Waiting Game (2003) 01. Go Ahead and Tell Me [add]
02. The Waiting Game [add]
03. Early Morning Train [add]
04. Throw This Dog a Bone [add]
05. Those Were the Best Days [add]
06. Second Hand Shoes [add]
07. Oh, My Love [add]
08. Last of the Wild Horses [add]
09. Desperate to Believe [add]
10. Can't Let You Go [add]

23, Rue Boyer (2004) 01. For Everyone [add]
02. Private Interlude [add]
03. Neutral Ground [add]
04. All Along the Watchtower [add]
05. Second Hand Shoes [add]
06. Immaculate Deception [add]
07. Pretty Girl Why [add]
08. Park Bench Serenade [add]
09. Grown Man Moan [add]
10. Somewhere Along the Way [add]

Last Chance Romance (2004) 01. Angel Face Revisited [add]
02. (In A) Venlo Sunrise [add]
03. Save It for a Rainy Day [add]
04. Heart of the Matter [add]
05. Imaginary Conversation [add]
06. Last Chance Romance [add]
07. Across the Years [add]
08. Ain't It Funny (Jessie's Song) [add]
09. Secret Place [add]
10. Fairy Tale Ending [add]
11. A Private Interlude [add]

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