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The Automatics lyrics
Genre: Rock
Forty Virgins in the Afterlife (0000) 01. Trash [add]
02. British Beat [add]
03. She Devils of Beverly Hills [add]
04. Peace on Earth [add]
05. Broken Doll [add]
06. King of the Cowboys [add]
07. Forty Virgins in the Afterlife [add]
08. The Currency of Rock and Roll [add]
09. Aces on Kings [add]
10. Baby Doll [add]
11. Tonite [add]
12. Farewell and Fuck You [add]

2 (2000) 01. A Mighty Long Way from Memphis [add]
02. Venus in Leatherette [add]
03. Let Me Be [add]
04. Pink Kryptonite [add]
05. Hold Me [add]
06. Love Slave [add]
07. Jaded [add]
08. Shadowlands [add]
09. Smoking Chinese [add]
10. When the Tanks Roll (Over Poland Again) [add]
11. When the Tanks Roll Revisited [add]

Murder/Suicide (2000) 01. Never Know What to Do [add]
02. You're Crazy [add]
03. Killing Time [add]
04. Mystery [add]
05. Comin' Around [add]
06. Good Things [add]
07. She's Killing You [add]
08. Murder/ Suicide [add]
09. This Unit [add]
10. Thinkin' Bout Yesterday [add]
11. Outta Control [add]
12. Ain't Right [add]
13. I Can't Change My Ways [add]
14. Stuck in Traffic [add]

Walking With the Radio On (2003) 01. Walking With the Radio On [add]
02. Like a Moth into a Flame [add]
03. When the Tanks Roll Over Poland Again [add]
04. Wild One [add]
05. Run Forever [add]
06. Run Forever [add]
07. Danger Signs [add]
08. Stab It Back [add]
09. Wear Your Love Like a Ball and Chain [add]
10. Watch Her Now [add]
11. Dumb Games [add]
12. British Beat [*] [add]
13. Walking With the Radio On... [*/demo version] [add]
14. When the Takns Roll Over Poland Again (Reprise) [*] [add]

Britannia (2006) 01. Britannia [add]
02. When the Sun Sinks on England Tonight [add]
03. British Beat [add]
04. Close Your Eyes and Think of England [add]
05. England's Dreaming [add]
06. England Expects [add]
07. Old River Thames [add]
08. Who Died and Made You Brian Jones? [add]
09. Royalty [add]
10. Quintessential Englishman [add]
11. Rule Britannia [add]

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