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Hard-Ons lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hard-Ons (1987) 01. Buddies [add]
02. Squat House [add]
03. Then I Kissed Her [add]
04. Lollipop [add]
05. I Farted [add]
06. Dancing Girls [add]
07. Wog Food [add]
08. Think About You Everyday [add]
09. Girl in the Sweater [add]
10. I Heard Her Call My Name [add]

Dick Cheese (1988) 01. Made to Love You [add]
02. What Am I 'Spose to Do? [add]
03. Oozing for Pleasure [add]
04. Everytime I Do a Fart [add]
05. Get Away [add]
06. Pretty Face [add]
07. There Was a Time [add]
08. Mickey Juice [add]
09. Figaro [add]
10. Fuck Society [add]
11. Yuppies Suck [add]
12. Something About You [add]
13. All Washed Up [add]
14. Ache to Touch You [add]
15. Why Don't You Shut Up [add]
16. Nerds [add]
17. Got a Baby [add]
18. Stairway to Punchbowl [add]
19. Keish's New Song [add]
20. Fifteen [add]
21. Rock & Roll All Nite [add]

Love Is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts (1989) 01. Don't Wanna See You Cry [add]
02. Rejected [add]
03. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [add]
04. Been Had Before [add]
05. You're a Tease [add]
06. Who Do You Wanna Fool [add]
07. Get Wet [add]
08. Rich Scrag [add]
09. Do It With You [add]
10. Missing You, Missing Me [add]
11. Throw It In [add]
12. Kill Your Mum [add]
13. Coff's Harbour Blues [add]

Dateless Dudes Club (1992) 01. She's a Dish [add]
02. Selfish [add]
03. World [add]
04. Hate So Hard [add]
05. Test [add]
06. Raining [add]
07. What Am I Supposed to Do [add]
08. Suck 'N' Swallow [add]

Too Far Gone (1993) 01. Crazy Crazy Eyes [add]
02. Notice Me [add]
03. If It Makes You Happy [add]
04. Car Phone [add]
05. Test [add]
06. I Do, I Do, I Do [add]
07. Lost [add]
08. The Blade [add]
09. Noone Can Stop You [add]
10. Cat Scan [add]
11. If She Only Knew [add]
12. It's Up to Me [add]
13. Stressed Out [add]
14. Sleepy [add]

This Terrible Place (2001) 01. Fallen Star [add]
02. Strangers [add]
03. Ice Cream [add]
04. First Cut Is the Weakest [add]
05. Time Won't Let Me [add]
06. Trouble, Trouble [add]
07. Shark's Head [add]
08. Oyster Sauce [add]
09. Charger [add]
10. I'm Bringing You Death [add]
11. Nosebleed [add]
12. Sadly Ever After [add]
13. Birthday [add]
14. I Hate Clubbers [add]

Very Exciting (2003) 01. Sunny [add]
02. Punk Police [add]
03. Scared of It All [add]
04. Killing Me [add]
05. Baka [add]
06. Olympic Diver [add]
07. Radio [add]
08. Cat's Got Your Tongue [add]
09. Pimple Boy [add]
10. Taxi [add]
11. Race Tracks [add]
12. Caravan Man [add]
13. (Everytime I Hear) Techno (I Pray for Death) [add]
14. Breakfast Caramel [add]
15. Preservation of a Wild Cat [add]

Most People Are a Waste of Time (2006) 01. What Would Stiv Bators Do [add]
02. I'm Hurt I'm in Pain [add]
03. There Goes One of the Creeps That Hassled My Girlfriend [add]
04. Crack [add]
05. Knowing My Luck... [add]
06. I'll Get Thrush or Something [add]
07. Bubble Bath [add]
08. Stop Crying [add]
09. Poorest Kid on the Block [add]
10. But Officer I Was Just Doing My Job [add]
11. Her Smile Is a Wish I Can't Obtain [add]
12. The Ballad of Katrin Cartlidge [add]
13. Cockroach [add]

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