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Deja Voodoo lyrics
Genre: Rock
Cemetary (1984) 01. Things With You [add]
02. Big Scary Daddy [add]
03. Skeleton at My Party [add]
04. If Mashed Potatoes [add]
05. Long Tall Texan [add]
06. How Can I Miss You [add]
07. Kill Kill Kill [add]
08. I Better Think [add]
09. Voodoo Barbecue [add]
10. Metro Vers L Enfer [add]
11. Crocodile Tears [add]
12. Buy Insurance [add]
13. Eager Beaver Baby [add]
14. Cemetary [add]
15. Strange [add]
16. Jungle Out There [add]
17. Stop [add]
18. Wormtown [add]
19. 16 Tons [add]

Swamp of Love (1986) 01. Blast Off [add]
02. Endless Sleep [add]
03. New Kind of Mambo [add]
04. Pig Fat Papa [add]
05. Place I Live [add]
06. White Sugar [add]
07. Wasn't That a Fish [add]
08. Love Me Now [add]
09. Shoobedy Hey [add]
10. Coelecanth [add]
11. 3 Men, 1 Coffin [add]
12. Swamp of Love [add]
13. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
14. Cat That's Gone to the Dogs [add]
15. Black Dress [add]
16. Bad Book [add]
17. Carfish [add]
18. Stuff [add]
19. Dead Daddy Dead [add]
20. Tonight [add]
21. Ning Heads [add]
22. Viet Cong [add]

The Worst of Deja Voodoo (1987) 01. Monsters in My Garage [add]
02. More Songs About Monsters and Food [add]
03. Feed That Thing [add]
04. Surfing on Mars [add]
05. Bullfrog [add]
06. Duh Papa Duh [add]
07. Driving on Drugs [add]
08. Rock Therapy [add]
09. Night Time [add]
10. Surfer Joe [add]
11. Phantom Skateboarder [add]
12. I Wanna Come Back From the World of LSD [add]
13. Vegetables [add]
14. Van Gogh's Ear [add]
15. Baby Honey [add]
16. If You're So Smart [add]
17. Boppin' 88 [add]
18. Peace, Love and Flowers [add]
19. Sigmund Freud [add]
20. Oh Yeah [add]
21. Wall of Paisley [add]
22. Lizard! [add]
23. Into the Gumbo [add]
24. Raised By Wolves [add]

Big Pile of Mud (1988) 01. My Girlfriend [add]
02. Big Pile of Mud [add]
03. Call Link Wray [add]
04. (Some Things Just Don't) Wash Off [add]
05. Monsters in My Garage Got Married [add]
06. Gonna Kill Somebody [add]
07. Stuff and Things [add]
08. Brown Leather Jacket [add]
09. A Million Pieces [add]
10. Big Ending! [add]
11. 48 Bucks [add]
12. Yeye [add]
13. Dodge Veg-O-Matic [add]
14. Beat Me to the Lunch [add]
15. Red Garlic Shoes [add]
16. Weird World [add]
17. Espresso Bongo [add]
18. Polk Salad Annie [add]

Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die (1988) 01. Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die [add]
02. Take Out the Trash [add]
03. Gotta Have Money [add]
04. Bugs for Christmas [add]
05. Bo Diddley's Cat [add]
06. Cheese and Crackers [add]
07. Down in Mexico [add]
08. Lonely Motel [add]
09. The House of Dr. Stimuli [add]

Human Friend (2003) 01. Like a UFO [add]
02. First Person [add]
03. Girl Who Won't Go Away [add]
04. Love the Sound [add]
05. Killer Sound [add]
06. The Goodbye Vampire [add]
07. Strange Movie [add]
08. Walk With the Giants [add]
09. Hush Hush Nature [add]
10. Missing Close-Held Child [add]
11. So, I Wanted to Go [add]

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