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Bobby Previte lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Dull Bang, Gushing Sound, Human Shriek (0000) 01. The Arrival [add]
02. For Bunny and Brian [add]
03. Turn the Corner [add]
04. Dull Bang [add]
05. Gushing Sound [add]
06. Human Shriek [add]

Pushing the Envelope (0000) 01. Open World [add]
02. Ballad Noir [add]
03. Once [add]
04. Mirror Mirror [add]
05. 102° in the Shade [add]
06. Pushing the Envelope [add]

Empty Suits (0000) 01. Across State Lines [add]
02. Flying Buttress [add]
03. Gaboo [add]
04. Break the Cups [add]
05. Great Wall [add]
06. Pichl [add]
07. Across State Lines (Reprise) [add]
08. A Door Flies Open [add]

Music of the Moscow Circus (0000) 01. Overture: Fire and Lightening/Spring's Theme [add]
02. The Russian Bar [add]
03. Crazy Clown [add]
04. One Hand on the Wheel [add]
05. Confused Clown [add]
06. Spring, Beauty, and the Muse [add]
07. March Clown [add]
08. Spring Steps Out [add]
09. Comic Clown [add]
10. The Melody. And the Melody Inside That [add]
11. Congo Clown [add]
12. Rattango [add]
13. More Confused Clown [add]
14. Seven Alarm [add]
15. Finale [add]
16. Thunder and Blazes [add]

Hue and Cry (0000) 01. Hubbub [add]
02. Smack-Dab [add]
03. Move Heaven and Earth [add]
04. 700 Camels [add]
05. Valerie [add]
06. Hue and Cry [add]
07. For John Laughlan, and All That We Stood For [add]

Too Close to the Pole (0000) 01. Too Close to the Pool [add]
02. 3 Minute Heels [add]
03. The Countess' Bedroom [From The Queen of Spades] [add]
04. Save the Cups [add]
05. The Eleventh Hour [add]
06. Too Close to the Pole [add]

Claude's Late Morning (1988) 01. Look Both Ways [add]
02. One Bowl [add]
03. The King So Far [add]
04. Sometimes You Need an Airport [add]
05. The Voice [add]
06. Claude's Late Morning [add]
07. First Song for Kate [add]
08. Ballet [add]
09. Look Both Ways (Reprise) [add]
10. Bud [add]

Weather Clear Track Fast (1991) 01. Quinella [add]
02. Weather Clear, Track Fast [add]
03. Traffic Along the Rail [add]
04. 3/4 Pole [add]
05. Backstretch [add]
06. Photo Finish [add]
07. Weather Cloudy, Track Slow [add]

Slay the Suitors (1994) 01. Fantasy and Nocturne [add]
02. Waltz [add]
03. Canon [add]
04. Prelude and Elegy [add]

My Man in Sydney [live] (1997) 01. Albuquerque Bar Band [add]
02. My Man in Sydney [add]
03. London Duty Free [add]
04. Bear Right at Burma [add]
05. Deep Dish Chicago [add]
06. Love Cry New York [add]

Dangerous Rip [live] (1998) 01. Heart on My Sleeve [add]
02. Clear the Bridge [add]
03. You Tell Me [add]
04. Bobby's New Mood [add]
05. Open Jaw [add]
06. Surf Medley: Misirlou/Walk Don't Run/The Victor/Telstar [add]

In the Grass (1999) 01. Fifty Is a Hundred, a Hundred Is a Thousand... [add]
02. 7 Familles [add]
03. Handy [add]
04. Very Handy [add]
05. Tight Lipstick [add]
06. Du Du Du [add]
07. Walking in the Dust [add]
08. Very Handy Indeed [add]
09. ...And the Rest Are What They Are [add]
10. Qui Parle? [add]

Just Add Water (2002) 01. Put Away Your Crayons [add]
02. Nice Try [add]
03. Leave Here Now [add]
04. '53 Maserati [add]
05. '63 [add]
06. Stingray [add]
07. Everything I Want [add]
08. All Hail Kirby! [add]
09. Theme for an Imaginary D?nouement [add]

The 23 Constellations of Joan Mir? (2002) 01. Sunrise [add]
02. The Escape Ladder [add]
03. People at Night, Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails [add]
04. Women on the Beach [add]
05. Woman With Blond Armpit Combing Her Hair by the Light of the Stars [add]
06. Morning Star [add]
07. Wounded Personage [add]
08. Woman and Birds [add]
09. Woman in the Night [add]
10. Acrobatic Dancers [add]
11. The Nightingale's Song at Midnight and Morning Rain [add]
12. On the 13th, the Ladder Brushed the Firmament [add]
13. Nocturne [add]
14. The Poetess [add]
15. Awakening in the Early Morning [add]
16. Toward the Rainbow [add]
17. Women Encircled by the Flight of a Bird [add]
18. Women at the Border of a Lake Irradiated by the Passage of a Swan [add]
19. The Migratory Bird [add]
20. Ciphers and Constellations in Love With a Woman [add]
21. The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers [add]
22. The Rose Dusk Caresses the Sex of Women and of Birds [add]
23. The Passage of the Divine Bird [For Aaron Copland] [add]

Counterclockwise (2003) 01. 877-Soul [add]
02. Counterclockwise [add]
03. 614-Soul [add]
04. Bobby's Nexts Mood [add]
05. 111-Soul [add]
06. Patricia [add]
07. 312-Soul [add]
08. And the Wind Cries... Mademoiselle Katherine [add]
09. 498-Soul [add]

The Coalition of the Willing (2006) 01. The Ministry of Truth [add]
02. Airstrip One [add]
03. Versificator [add]
04. The Ministry of Love [add]
05. Oceania [add]
06. The Inner Party [add]
07. Memory Hole [add]
08. Anthem for Andrea [add]

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