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Gene Defcon lyrics
Genre: Rock
Come Party with Me 2000 (2000) 01. The Return of Gene [add]
02. Liz [add]
03. Frankenstein [add]
04. Wizard 2 Woman [add]
05. She's on MTV [add]
06. TSK, TSK, Tut, Tut [add]
07. Captain of a Sinking Ship [add]
08. Why Is the World Like That? [add]
09. Gettin' Crazy in the Hot Tub [add]
10. Babe, You've Got Balls [add]
11. Life Is Full of Parties [add]
12. Come Trip With Me on Ecstacy [add]
13. Hollywood Hamburgers [add]
14. Texas Fever [add]
15. You Go, Girl! [add]
16. Workin' Man [add]
17. Have a Good Time [add]
18. Do the Gene [add]
19. Digital Dude [add]
20. Kisses [add]
21. You and Me Forever [add]
22. Sadder Than I've Ever Been [add]
23. Laying Down With My Headphones On [add]
24. Baby, Say What? [add]
25. She's Got a Bun in the Oven [add]
26. Baby, Hallelujah [add]
27. The Wild Boys [add]
28. Fuckin' Dog [add]
29. Whoop-Diddy-Do [add]
30. Moments [add]
31. Psycho Freakout [add]
32. Man Overboard [add]
33. I Don't Wanna Know 'Bout It [add]
34. Tippy Turn 'Round [add]
35. I'm in Love With Another, Baby [add]
36. Space Boots [add]
37. Cosmic Sandwich [add]
38. I Love You [add]
39. Romantic to the Maximum [add]
40. The Sandworm [add]
41. Dontcha [add]
42. The Skins and Punks [add]
43. Candy Shop Girl [add]
44. Young Love [add]
45. The First Time [add]
46. You've Got to Be in Love [add]
47. Baby [add]

Throw Up & Die (2005) 01. I'm Not a Scoreboard [add]
02. Barbarians [add]
03. Come Party With Me [add]
04. Yesses and Nose [add]
05. Wanna Tell the Boys [add]
06. Mesh Canoe [add]
07. Rockin' Your Bones [add]
08. Mr. President [add]
09. Roller Rink Party [add]
10. Ghoul for You [add]
11. Pick Up the Party [add]
12. La la la la Gene Defcon [add]
13. Like a ??? Bad Boy [add]
14. I'm Not Happy [add]
15. Toss That Fish Back [add]
16. I'm That Type of Guy [add]
17. Grandpa's Revenge [add]
18. Hey (You Wanna Party With Gene Defcon?) [add]
19. Shut Me in a Cage [add]
20. I Dressed Up Like a Nerd for You [add]
21. Kill That ??? Bear [add]
22. Funky Reggae Jam [add]
23. ??? Talkin' [add]
24. Sex Party [add]
25. Neutron Dance Blues [add]
26. Hands Up Your Gown [add]
27. Little Punk Girl [add]
28. Mushroom Cloud [add]
29. Mutinous Dog [add]
30. I've Got Principles [add]
31. Summer's Gone [add]
32. Southern Dreams [add]
33. All You Poseurs [add]
34. Ants [add]
35. Wild Child [add]
36. Misunderstood Vampire [add]
37. San Francisco [add]
38. You Can't Stop My Heart from Beating [add]
39. Slap My Babies [add]
40. My Girlfriend Is a Mexican [add]
41. I Love You More Than Any Pasta-Fed-Ding-Dong [add]
42. Gonna Tell Everybody We're Happy [add]
43. Little ??? to Me [add]
44. Waking Up Late for Junior High [add]
45. Gonna Rock You Down [add]
46. The King of France [add]

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