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Tinsley Ellis lyrics
Genre: Blues
Cool on It (1986) 01. Drivin' Woman [add]
02. Cool on It [add]
03. Hong Kong, Mississippi [add]
04. Second Thoughts [add]
05. Sailor's Grave on the Prairie [add]
06. Greenwood Chainsaw Boogie [add]
07. Tulane [add]
08. Time to Quit [add]
09. Sugaree [add]
10. Wild Weekend [add]

Fanning the Flames (1989) 01. Leaving Here [add]
02. Pawnbroker [add]
03. Loneliness Is Here to Stay [add]
04. Put Me Where You Want Me [add]
05. Born in Georgia [add]
06. Fender Blender [add]
07. Deaf, Dumb, Crippled and Blind [add]
08. So Many Tears [add]
09. Must Be the Devil [add]
10. Dangling by a Thread [add]
11. Mr. Night Time [add]

Georgia Blue (1989) 01. Can't You Lie [add]
02. Texas Stomp [add]
03. You Picked a Good Time [add]
04. I've Made Nights by Myself [add]
05. Crime of Passion [add]
06. Hot Potato [add]
07. Double-Eyed Whammy [add]
08. She Wants to Sell My Monkey [add]
09. Look-Ka Py Py [add]
10. As the Years Go Passing By [add]
11. Free Man [add]
12. Lucky Lou [add]

Trouble Time (1992) 01. Highwayman [add]
02. Hey Hey Baby [add]
03. Sign of the Blues [add]
04. What Have I Done Wrong? [add]
05. The Big Chicken [add]
06. The Axe [add]
07. Come Morning [add]
08. My Restless Heart [add]
09. Bad Dream, No. 108 [add]
10. The Hulk [add]
11. Now I'm Gone [add]
12. Red Dress [add]

Storm Warning (1994) 01. To the Devil for a Dime [add]
02. Cut You Loose [add]
03. A Quitter Never Wins [add]
04. Panhead [add]
05. The Next Miss Wrong [add]
06. Early in the Morning [add]
07. When I Howl [add]
08. Side Tracked [add]
09. Wanted Man [add]
10. The Sun Is Shining [add]
11. Bush Doctor [add]
12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [add]

Fire It Up (1997) 01. Diggin' My Own Grave [add]
02. Just Dropped In [add]
03. Standing on the Edge of Love [add]
04. Soulful [add]
05. Are You Sorry [add]
06. I Walk Alone [add]
07. Change Your Mind [add]
08. Break My Rule [add]
09. One Sunny Day [add]
10. If That's How He Loves You [add]
11. Look What You Done [add]
12. Everyday [add]

Kingpin (2000) 01. Heart Fixing Business [add]
02. Sweet Pea [add]
03. Dyin' to Do Wrong [add]
04. Can't Play That Way [add]
05. I've Got to Use My Imagination [add]
06. I Got to Moan [add]
07. I'll Be Loving You [add]
08. The Other Side of Town [add]
09. Days of Old [add]
10. Slingshots and Boomerangs [add]
11. Let's Think About It [add]

Hell or High Water (2002) 01. Hell or High Water [add]
02. Hooked [add]
03. Mystery to Me [add]
04. Love Comes Knockin' [add]
05. Stuck in Love lyrics
06. Real Bad Way [add]
07. All Rumors Are True [add]
08. All I Can Do [add]
09. Love Me by Phone [add]
10. Feelin' No Pain [add]
11. Ten Year Day [add]
12. Set Love Free [add]

The Hard Way (2004) 01. Still in the Game [add]
02. Let Him Down Easy [add]
03. Me Without You [add]
04. I'll Get Over You [add]
05. And It Hurts [add]
06. La la Land [add]
07. My Love's the Medicine [add]
08. Fountain of Youth [add]
09. Love Bomb [add]
10. Her Other Man [add]
11. 12 Pack Poet [add]
12. The Last Song [add]

Live! Highwayman (2005) 01. Introduction [add]
02. To the Devil for a Dime [add]
03. Highwayman [add]
04. A Quitter Never Wins [add]
05. Real Bad Way [add]
06. Hell or High Water [add]
07. The Next Miss Wrong [add]
08. The Last Song [add]
09. Leavin' Here [add]
10. Pawnbroker [add]
11. The Axe [add]
12. Double Eyed Whammy [add]

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