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Gordon Beck lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Dr. Dolittle Loves Jazz (0000) 01. My Friend, the Doctor [add]
02. I've Never Seen Anything Like It [add]
03. At the Crossroads [add]
04. Talk to the Animals [add]
05. Doctor Dolittle [add]
06. When I Look in Your Eyes [add]
07. After Today [add]
08. I Think I Love You [add]
09. Beautiful Things [add]

Half Jazz 6 Pense (0000) 01. Half a Sixpence [add]
02. Money to Burn [add]
03. I Know What I Am [add]
04. The Race Is On [add]
05. This Is My World [add]
06. If the Rain's Got to Fall [add]
07. Long Ago [add]
08. She's Too Far Above Me [add]
09. Flash Bang Wallop [add]

Gyroscope (0000) 01. Gyroscope [add]
02. Clusters [add]
03. Suite No. 1 [add]
04. Miss T. Flying [add]
05. Sincerity [add]
06. And Still She Is With Me/Oxus [add]
07. Oxus [add]

Jazz Trio (0000) 01. Suite No. 5: 1st Movement/2nd Movement/3rd Movement [add]
02. All in the Morning: 1st Movement/2nd Movement [add]

Once Is Never Enough (0000) 01. Are You Beautiful Too? [add]
02. Once Is Never Enough [add]
03. Little D [add]
04. Believing Is Seeing [add]
05. Wun Tun [add]
06. Someone Somewhere [add]
07. For Keith [add]

Experiments with Pops (1968) 01. These Boots Are Made for Walking [add]
02. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) [add]
03. Sunny [add]
04. Up, Up and Away [add]
05. Michelle [add]
06. I Can See for Miles [add]
07. Good Vibrations [add]
08. Monday, Monday [add]

Reasons/Celebration Suite (1983) 01. Stella by Starlight [add]
02. Gloria's Step [add]
03. Peace [add]
04. Solar [add]
05. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
06. Someday My Prince Will Come [add]
07. Einbahnstrasse [add]
08. Celebration Suite: Opening [add]
09. Celebration Suite, Pt. 1 [add]
10. Celebration Suite: Piano Solo [add]
11. Celebration Suite, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Celebration Suite, Pt. 3 [add]
13. Celebration Suite, Pt. 4 [add]
14. Celebration Suite: Finale [add]

For Evans Sake (1991) 01. You Are All the Things [add]
02. Almost There [add]
03. Blue in Green [add]
04. Re: Mister E [add]
05. Try This [add]
06. Just a Thought [add]
07. Trio Type Tune Two? [add]
08. For Evans Sake [add]
09. Not the Last Waltz [add]
10. P.S. [add]
11. He Is With Us Still [add]

One for the Road (1995) 01. Good Times, Sometimes [add]
02. Out of the Shadows, Into the Sun [add]
03. Thoughts [add]
04. Long, Lean and Lethal [add]
05. What's This? [add]
06. Beautiful, But... [add]
07. One for the Road [add]
08. Shhhh! [add]
09. Pay Now, Live Later [add]

French Connection, Vol. 1-2 (1996) 01. The Beige Bird Beckons [add]
02. Mademoiselle S.L. [add]
03. Metromania [add]
04. The French Connection: Pt. I, II, III [add]
05. Going Up [add]
06. Action City [add]
07. The River [add]
08. Sans Melodie Too [add]
09. Philologie [add]
10. Lady V [add]
11. French Connection II [add]
12. Early Morning [add]

Sunbird (1996) 01. The Gathering [add]
02. Flight [add]
03. Halfway House [add]
04. Sunbird [add]
05. Second Summer [add]

Reflections (2003) 01. Night and Day [add]
02. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
03. I Love You [add]
04. Re: Person I Knew [add]
05. Almost There [add]
06. California Here I Come [add]
07. White Line [add]

Not the Last Waltz [live] (2004) 01. Einbahnstrasse [add]
02. Miss Day [add]
03. Everything I Love [add]
04. Not the Last Waltz [add]
05. Announcements [add]
06. This Heart of Mine [add]
07. Race Against Time [add]
08. Blues in G [add]
09. First Trip [add]

Seven Steps to Heaven [live] (2005) 01. Backwards Bop [add]
02. Gone with the Wind [add]
03. Juju [add]
04. Isotope [add]
05. Quiet Now [add]
06. Solar [add]
07. Seven Steps to Heaven [add]

Appleby Blues [live] (2007) 01. Solar [add]
02. With a Heart in My Song [add]
03. For P.J. [add]
04. The Old Country [add]
05. Appleby Blues [add]
06. Gone with the Wind [add]
07. California Here I Come [add]

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