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Dan Zanes lyrics
Genre: Rock
Cool Down Time (1995) 01. Tested [add]
02. No Sky [add]
03. Rough Spot [add]
04. Cruel Cold Feeling [add]
05. Darkness Before Dan [add]
06. Little Blue Suit [add]
07. All Time Girl [add]
08. No Sense of Time [add]
09. If You Live [add]
10. Carelessly [add]
11. Tic-Tac [add]
12. Treasures of Love [add]

Rocket Ship Beach (2001) 01. Polly Wolly Doodle [add]
02. King Kong Kitchie [add]
03. Bushel and a Peck [add]
04. Go Down Emmanuel Road [add]
05. Goodbye Old Paint [add]
06. Father Goose [add]
07. Keep on the Sunny Side [add]
08. Erie Canal [add]
09. Buckeye Jim [add]
10. Brown Girl in the Ring [add]
11. Hello [add]
12. All My Friends Live in the Woods [add]
13. Weather Report [add]
14. Mole in the Ground [add]
15. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
16. Sidewalks of New York [add]
17. Over the Rainbow [add]

Family Dance (2002) 01. Jump Up [add]
02. Rock Island Line [add]
03. Malti [add]
04. The Hokey Pokey [add]
05. Water for the Elephants [add]
06. Linstead Market [add]
07. Fooba-Wooba John [add]
08. Wonder Wheel [add]
09. Yo-Yo Sweet Yo-Yo [add]
10. All Around the Kitchen [add]
11. In the Evening [add]
12. Flowers of Edinburgh [add]
13. Thrift Shop [add]
14. Skip to My Lou [add]
15. The Good Night Waltz [add]

Night Time (2002) 01. Night Owl [add]
02. Pay Me My Money Down [add]
03. Side By Side [add]
04. Guysborough Railway [add]
05. ?Qu? Fortunidad! [add]
06. Evening Time [add]
07. Smile Smile Smile [add]
08. Siyahamba [add]
09. Down by the Riverside [add]
10. Rattlin' Bog [add]
11. Firefly [add]
12. So Long (It's Been Good to Know Yuh) [add]
13. What a Wonderful World [add]
14. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
15. Leadbelly Songs [add]
16. Linger for Awhile [add]

House Party (2003) 01. House Party Time [add]
02. Wabash Cannonball [add]
03. Queremos Bailar [add]
04. Hop Up Ladies [add]
05. Washington at Valley Forge [add]
06. Jamaica Farewell [add]
07. Tankoh-Bushi [add]
08. Down in the Valley [add]
09. Waltzing Matilda [add]
10. West Indian Counting Song [add]
11. Sunny Old Sun [add]
12. Tennessee Wig Walk [add]
13. Shining Star [add]
14. How Do You Do? [add]
15. Daniel in the Den [add]
16. Surrounded By Friendship [add]
17. Old Joe Clark [add]
18. Hey Little Red Bird [add]
19. We Shall Not Be Moved [add]
20. A Place for Us [add]

Sea Music (2004) 01. Strike the Bell [add]
02. Farewell Nova Scotia [add]
03. Cape Cod Girls [add]
04. Shenandoah [add]
05. Blow Ye Winds in the Morning [add]
06. All for Me Grog [add]
07. Leaving of Liverpool [add]
08. Windy Old Weather [add]
09. Sloop John B. [add]
10. Long Time Ago [add]
11. Mingulay Boat Song [add]
12. Deep Blue Sea [add]
13. The Mermaid [add]
14. Rolling Home [add]

Parades and Panoramas: 25 Songs Collected by Carl Sandburg (2004) 01. Wanderin' [add]
02. The Railroad Cars Are Coming [add]
03. Titanic [add]
04. Railroad Bill [add]
05. Roll the Chariot [add]
06. Waillie, Waillie! [add]
07. California [add]
08. All Night Long [add]
09. The E-RI-E [add]
10. The Shanty-Man's Life [add]
11. I Was Born Almost Ten Thousand Years Ago [add]
12. Lo Que Digo [add]
13. Cuckoo Waltz [add]
14. Across the Western Ocean [add]
15. The Monkey's Wedding [add]
16. The Midnight Train [add]
17. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum! [add]
18. Lonesome Road [add]
19. The Son of a Gambolier [add]
20. The Colorado Trail [add]
21. Willy the Weeper [add]
22. Lord Lovel [add]
23. Lincoln and Liberty [add]
24. When the Curtains of Night Are Pinned Back [add]
25. Ezekiel, You and Me [add]

Catch That Train! (2006) 01. Catch That Train! [add]
02. Let's Shake [add]
03. Welcome Table [add]
04. Mariposa Ol? [add]
05. Meeting in the Station [add]
06. Choo Choo Ch'boogie [add]
07. Pigogo [add]
08. Country Life [add]
09. Loch Lomond [add]
10. While the Music Is Playing [add]
11. I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister [add]
12. The Fine Friends Are Here [add]
13. Walkin' the Dog [add]
14. Wander in the Summer Wind [add]
15. Grey Goose [add]
16. Pata Pata [add]
17. Sweet Rosyanne [add]
18. Moonlight Town [add]

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