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Red Mitchell lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Red Mitchell (0000) 01. Jam for Your Bread [add]
02. Where or When [add]
03. Section Blues [add]
04. Duff [add]
05. Ornithology [add]
06. Will You Still Be Mine? [add]
07. I'll Never Be the Same [add]
08. East Coast Outpost [add]
09. You Go to My Head [add]

Presenting Red Mitchell (0000) 01. Scrapple from the Apple [add]
02. Rainy Night [add]
03. I Thought of You [add]
04. Out of the Blue [add]
05. Paul's Pal [add]
06. Sandu [add]
07. Cheek to Cheek [add]

One Long String (0000) 01. One Long String [add]
02. Peggy [add]
03. Narbild [add]
04. Undertow [add]
05. Total Tumult [add]
06. Stella by Starlight [add]
07. Pojken I Grottan [add]
08. When I Have You [add]

Red Mitchell-Warne Marsh Big Two, Vol. 1 [live] (0000) 01. 317 East 32nd Street [#] [add]
02. South American Way [#] [add]
03. Star Eyes [#] [add]
04. Oh, Lady Be Good [#] [add]
05. It's You or No One [#] [add]
06. These Foolish Things [#] [add]
07. In a Mellow Tone [#] [add]
08. Just You, Just Me [#] [add]
09. You Stepped Out of a Dream [#] [add]
10. Embraceable You [#] [add]
11. Little Willie Leaps [#] [add]

Live at Salishan (0000) 01. Now's the Time [add]
02. Tenderly [add]
03. In a Mellow Tone [add]
04. What Would I Do Without You? [add]
05. Secret Love [add]
06. Body and Soul [add]
07. Things Ain't What They Used to Be [add]
08. Like Someone in Love [add]
09. Gremlins [add]

Jam for Your Bread (1956) 01. Jam for Your Bread [add]
02. Duff, You Go to My Head [add]
03. Where or When [add]
04. Ornithology [add]
05. Section Blues [add]
06. East Coast Outpost [add]
07. I'll Never Be the Same [add]
08. Will You Still Be Mine? [add]

Rejoice (1961) 01. Jim's Blues [add]
02. Rejoice [add]
03. Oh, You Crazy Moon [add]
04. Black-Eyes Peas [add]
05. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
06. A Night in Tunisia [add]

Hear Ye! (1961) 01. Triplin' Awhile [add]
02. Rosie's Spirit [add]
03. Hear Ye! [add]
04. Somara [add]
05. Catacomb [add]
06. Pari Passu [add]

Chocolate Cadillac (1976) 01. Idrees [add]
02. U.A.I. (You Are Invited) [add]
03. These Foolish Things [#] [add]
04. A Theme for Ahmad [add]
05. Chocolate Cadillac [add]

Blues for a Crushed Soul (1976) 01. Red Blew [add]
02. Kitten on the Monkeys [add]
03. Blues for a Crushed Soul [add]
04. Minority [add]
05. Skylark [add]
06. Parker's Mood [add]

Simple Isn't Easy (1983) 01. Simple Isn't Easy [add]
02. Foreigners [add]
03. How You Sound [add]
04. I'm a Homebody [add]
05. Love's Not Only the Blues [add]
06. Where's Don Ellis Now [add]
07. I Thought of You [add]
08. When I Have You [add]
09. As You Are [add]
10. It's Always a Friend [add]
11. How You Sound [add]
12. Interview with Red Mitchell [add]

Home Suite (1985) 01. Bass Suite-Sweet Bass: Embraceable You/You'd Be So Nice to Come ... [add]
02. Body and Soul [add]
03. The Genius to Compose [add]
04. Arrival [add]
05. Rainy Night [add]
06. Lush Life [add]
07. Corruptus Interruptus [add]
08. Heaven's Here [add]

The Red Barron Duo (1986) 01. The Girl Next Door [add]
02. Oleo [add]
03. Sunshower [add]
04. Bureau Blues [add]
05. Finally [add]
06. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
07. Namely You [add]
08. Darn That Dream [add]

Mitchell's Talking (1989) 01. Talking [add]
02. I'm Old Fashioned [add]
03. The Purest Heart (For Lady) [add]
04. Pennies for Sue [add]
05. Don't Explain [add]
06. El Sue?o [add]
07. Er-Um-Uh [add]
08. She's Funny That Way [add]
09. Heaven's Here [add]
10. Locomotive [add]

We All Hope (1992) 01. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
02. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
03. Darn That Dream [add]
04. Beautiful Love [add]
05. Milestones [add]
06. Little Esther [add]
07. Keep Hold of Yourself [add]
08. Sophisticated Lady [add]
09. The Days of Wine and Roses [add]
10. Wee Dot [add]

Live in Stockholm (1995) 01. Doxy [add]
02. Sophisticated Lady [add]
03. Life's a Take [add]
04. I'll Never Be the Same [add]
05. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [add]
06. All the Things You Are [add]
07. I Love You [add]

Evolution (1995) 01. There Is No Greater Love [add]
02. Marionette [add]
03. Autumn Leaves [add]
04. My One and Only Love [add]
05. Talking [add]
06. Like Someone in Love [add]
07. Big 'N' the Bear [add]
08. The Naid Is Awake [add]
09. On Green Dolphin Street [add]

Red Mitchell-Warne Marsh Big Two, Vol. 2 [live] (1998) 01. Hot House [add]
02. Undertow [add]
03. Lover Man [add]
04. Tea for Two [add]
05. Gone With the Wind [add]
06. Ornithology [add]
07. It Could Happen to You [add]
08. Easy Living [add]
09. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [#] [add]
10. Background Music [#] [add]
11. Scrapple from the Apple [add]

Live at Port Townsend (2005) 01. Autumn Leaves [add]
02. Don't Blame Me [add]
03. Tangerine [add]
04. Body and Soul [add]
05. Stella by Starlight [add]
06. Big 'N' and the Bear [add]

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