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Edie Carey lyrics
Genre: Folk
The Falling Places (2000) 01. Margaret [add]
02. Accidental Poet [add]
03. I Never Thought I'd Say This [add]
04. Ride to Brooklyn [add]
05. The Middle [add]
06. Everyone I Know [add]
07. In My Bed [add]
08. Lean into Me [add]
09. Shepherd Moon [add]
10. If I Were You [add]

Call Me Home (2001) 01. Disco Ball Heart [add]
02. August [add]
03. Fall or Fly [add]
04. Violently [add]
05. Nothing Else [add]
06. Come Close [add]
07. Fine [add]
08. Call Me Home [add]
09. Black Wool Dress [add]
10. Emma [add]

Come Close [live] (2003) 01. With Our Hands [add]
02. Oxygen? (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
03. Fine [add]
04. Compromise (Be a Poet About It) [add]
05. Come Close [add]
06. I Love America (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
07. The Middle [add]
08. If I Were You [add]
09. Love Them Hard (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
10. Violently [add]
11. Disco Ball Heart [add]
12. Two Very Shy People (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
13. I Like You (Farr's Song) [add]
14. August [add]
15. Intro to Everyone I Know (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
16. Everyone I Know [add]
17. Bandaids (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
18. Nothing Else [add]
19. Black Wool Dress [add]
20. Diamond in the Rough [add]
21. Teddy and the Dog (Banter) [excerpt] [add]
22. Fall or Fly [add]
23. All Alone (Banter) [excerpt] [add]

When I Was Made (2003) 01. With Our Hands [add]
02. Open Wide [add]
03. All the Way Down [add]
04. If I Start to Cry [add]
05. Chemistry [add]
06. Compromise (Be a Poet About It) [add]
07. Already Gone [add]
08. I Need You [add]
09. Under a Sky [add]
10. Yes [add]

Another Kind of Fire (2006) 01. Hollywood Ending [add]
02. The Night [add]
03. Lonely [add]
04. Bonfire [add]
05. Another Kind of Fire [add]
06. One Shot Deal [add]
07. Save You Now [add]
08. My Heart [add]
09. Without a Fight [add]
10. What Love Looks Like [add]
11. Hollywood Ending (Reprise) [add]

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