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Genre: Rock
Too Bright, Just Right, Good Night (1996) 01. Sporting Life [add]
02. Clockwatcher [add]
03. No Wonder Boy [add]
04. I'm Hit! [add]
05. Spelling Bee [add]
06. Floater [add]
07. Heavy [add]
08. Space-Age Heart* [add]
09. Tugboat Mutiny* [add]
10. A.C.R.O.N.Y.M*. [add]
11. Blues in the Way [add]
12. Saint [add]
13. Crook [add]
14. In Hysterics [add]
15. Louder [add]
16. Credits [add]

One Word (1998) 01. Self-Conscious Spiel [add]
02. Lying in Bed [add]
03. The Look [add]
04. Imogene Threw Me Over [add]
05. So Full of Holes [add]
06. Last Date [add]
07. Mcgee and University [add]
08. Gentry [add]
09. Grind Away [add]
10. Hate L.A. [add]

The Scene's Out of Sight (2001) 01. The Scene's Out of Sight [add]
02. Tad Loves Kimberly James [add]
03. Folding Chair [add]
04. Perfect G [add]
05. Shining Jewels [add]
06. Joan of Arc [add]
07. I Hope This Makes It Easier for You [add]
08. Randy in the Prize Van [add]
09. John L. Sullivan [add]
10. Last Night I Dreamed (That You Were Losing Sleep over Me) [add]
11. The Sun in St. Tropez [add]
12. Bury Me in the Blue Sea [add]

Full Upright Position (2003) 01. 33 1/3 [add]
02. This Damn Nation [add]
03. My Favorite Man [add]
04. All You'll Ever Need to Know [add]
05. Simple Life [add]
06. If I'm Not Deceived... [add]
07. Close to Tears [add]
08. Let It Slide [add]
09. Cut Above [add]
10. Keeping Close to You [add]
11. Someday Soon [add]
12. Moneypenny's Theme [add]
13. We Are Not the Losers (Anymore) [add]

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