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The Witches lyrics
Genre: Rock
Let's Go to the No Go Zone (1998) 01. Let's Go to the No Go Zone [add]
02. Please [add]
03. My Superstar Pills [add]
04. Sleepin' on a Demon's Tree [add]
05. Lost With the Real Gone [add]
06. What Is It Then? [add]
07. The Lonely Rainbow [add]
08. Monkee's Arm [add]
09. Wine Fer Yer Kids [add]
10. See It (With Your Eyes Closed) [add]
11. Last Night Is a Haunted House [add]
12. #23 Dream [add]
13. Deflowering the Infant Succubus [add]

Universal Mall (2001) 01. People What's Wrong With You [add]
02. Keep Me Away [add]
03. Demon's Around Her [add]
04. Given Up Girls [add]
05. The Robot Family [add]
06. Devil Made 'Em Run [add]
07. What It Really? [add]
08. Some Girl's Basement [add]
09. We Got Rats [add]
10. Force 2b Reckoned With [add]
11. (She Got Some Kinda) Thing [add]
12. Around You [add]
13. She Quit Smilin' [add]

Nobody's Jig (2002) 01. Nobody's Jig/Mr. Lane's Maggott... [add]
02. Stingo [add]
03. Virgin Queen/Bobbing Joe [add]
04. Daphne [add]
05. Paul's Steeple [add]
06. Prince Rupert March/Masco [add]
07. Sheperd's Holiday [add]
08. Confess His Tune [add]
09. An Italian Rant [add]
10. Stanes Morris [add]
11. A Health to Betty [add]
12. A Mask No.6 [add]
13. Drive the Cold Winter Away/The Beggar Boy [add]
14. A Division on a Ground [add]
15. Woodycock [add]
16. Wallom Green [add]
17. Bravade/Argiers [add]
18. A Piece Without Title [add]
19. Hey to the Camp/Schottisch Tanz [add]
20. Rights of Man [add]

On Parade (2002) 01. (What Is Your Preferred Device) IT [add]
02. Y Do U Make Me Feel Like That [add]
03. I Luv'd Wrong [add]
04. Laughter, Joy 'n Loneliness [add]
05. Who Wants 2 Sleep With the Birthday Grrrl [add]
06. Nuthin' Seem 2 Please U [add]
07. Everything Been Cool [add]
08. The Invisible Miserable People Have Reappeared [add]
09. Tryin' 2 Talk 2 U [add]
10. On the Haunted Side of the House [add]

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