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Razorbacks lyrics
Genre: Rock
More Love Less Attitude (1987) 01. More Love and Less Attitude [add]
02. Cheap Thrills [add]
03. Della [add]
04. Damn, Damn, Damn [add]
05. Lou Ann [add]
06. Chevy Lovin' [add]
07. Stupid [add]
08. She's Mad, I'm Scared [add]
09. Blues Ain't Nothin' [add]
10. Pothead [add]

Go to Town (1997) 01. It's Saturday Night [add]
02. Well, I Knocked and I Knocked [add]
03. Talk to You [add]
04. Long Rolling Nights [add]
05. Lower Beverly [add]
06. I Can't Keep My Baby in Shoes [add]
07. So Much Fun [add]
08. All I Need [add]
09. Calling My Name [add]
10. Scariest Night of My Life [add]
11. Razorback Boogie [add]
12. Just This Short of Crying [add]
13. Stood Up [add]
14. String Breaking Thing [add]
15. Beverly [Dub Mix] [add]

Live a Little (1998) 01. Times Like These [add]
02. Didn't Your Mamma Tell You [add]
03. Night and Day [add]
04. Can't Blame Me for Trying [add]
05. Rocket [add]
06. Be My Train [add]
07. My Way or Highway [add]
08. Where'd You Learn to Kiss Like That [add]
09. I'm in the Doghouse [add]
10. There Ain't Room for Two [add]
11. Maybe It Do [add]
12. Who Slapped Joe [add]
13. Not Fade Away [add]
14. Trouble in Town [add]
15. End of the Day [add]
16. I'll Get By [add]
17. Am I High [add]
18. Times Like These [add]
19. Didn't Your Mamma Tell You [add]
20. My Generation [add]

Full House (2000) 01. I'm on Fire [add]
02. Cruisin' Down [add]
03. Boppin' the Blues [add]
04. I'm a Gitar Man [add]
05. Jelly Bean [add]
06. Waitin' on You [add]
07. Pipeline [add]
08. Rock-A-Round With Ollie Vee [add]
09. Over and Over [add]
10. Rockin and Rollin [add]
11. It Wasn't Me [add]
12. Hot and Twangy [add]
13. Who Do Ya Love/Bo Didley [add]
14. White Line Fever [add]
15. Rebel Rouser [add]
16. Darlene Darlene [add]
17. Rock-A-Billy Rebel [add]
18. C'mon Everybody [add]
19. Red Hot [add]

Home of The... [live] (2002) 01. Stand on It [add]
02. Restless for the Road [add]
03. Cruisin Down [add]
04. Folsom Prison Blues [add]
05. Blue Jean Bop [add]
06. Empty Promises [add]
07. Grease It Up and Go [add]
08. Flying Saucer Rock'n'roll [add]
09. Hot Rod Lincoln [add]
10. The Munsters Theme [add]
11. Hot'n'twangy [add]
12. Rumble in Brighton [add]
13. Whole Lotta Things [add]
14. Fury [add]
15. Mystery Train [add]
16. Rock-A-Billy Reble [add]
17. I'm a Gitar Man [add]
18. Hot Rod Man [add]

I'm on Fire (2003) 01. I Fought the Law [add]
02. Eighteen Miles from Memphis [add]
03. Restless for the Road [add]
04. Don'tcha Know lyrics
05. Jitterbop Baby [add]
06. I'm on Fire [add]
07. Relentless [add]
08. White Line Fever [add]
09. Baby You Know (I Love You) [add]
10. Twenty Flight Rock [add]
11. Rock Around With Ollie Vee [add]
12. Fury [add]
13. Twisting by the Pool [add]
14. Born and Bred [add]
15. Empty Promises [add]

Reheated (2003) 01. Crusin' Down [add]
02. Rock-A-Billy Rebel [add]
03. I'm a Gitar Man [add]
04. Waitin' on You [add]
05. Goin' Down [add]
06. Hot Rod Man [add]
07. Trouble Bound [add]
08. Rockin' and a Rollin' [add]
09. Baby Doll Blue Eyes [add]
10. Hot'n'twangy [add]
11. Like the Cowboys [add]
12. Run for Your Life [add]
13. My Reservation's Been Confirmed [add]
14. Grease It Up and Go [add]
15. Pretty Woman [add]

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