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Harlan Ellison lyrics
Genre: Vocal
On the Road With Ellison, Vol. 1 [live] (1983) 01. Introduction: Caveat Ellison [add]
02. You're Short [add]
03. Selected Quickies [add]
04. Did You Really Mail a Dead Gopher to an Editor [add]
05. Bugfuck Is a Way of Life [add]
06. Carl Sagan Is a Nifty Guy [add]
07. Cosmic Nuhdjes [add]
08. Gee, Gang, Kids Say the Darndest Things [add]
09. An Edge in My Voice: Installment, No. 54 (19 December 1982) [add]

On the Road With Ellison, Vol. 2 (2004) 01. You Have Been Warned [add]
02. The Player in the Bogus Blue Blazer [add]
03. The "I, Robot" Tragedy [add]
04. Demented SF Movie Harangue [add]
05. Quickies Redux [add]
06. Mailing Labels, Or, How Corporate America Goes Sticky All Over You [add]
07. Diabetes & The Anti-Christ [add]
08. Why We Will Never Enjoy the Pleasures of Atomic Holocaust: A Theory [add]
09. Reagan's "Enemies" List [add]
10. How Steve McQueen Saved My Life [add]
11. Deductive Logic [add]
12. The Dick [add]
13. Where There's Smoke [add]
14. And Now, The Soup & Sermon [add]

On The Road With Ellison, Vol. 3 (2007) 01. Opening Shots [add]
02. Down the Escalator/Camera in Arizona [add]
03. The Egg & I [add]
04. Watching Me, Myself & Four Ellisons [add]
05. A Cultural Amnesia Nightmare [add]
06. QVC Ya on the Couch [add]
07. A Harlan Chandelier Evening [add]
08. Again with the Quickies [add]
09. A Leprechaun None? [add]
10. Disney Drive-Thru with Pink Slip [add]
11. Mate Expectations [add]
12. Bogart, Books & Bargains [add]
13. Deep Philosophy About the Middle East [add]
14. Him: About Her [add]
15. Observations on the Abyss [add]

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