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Herschell Gordon Lewis lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Eye Popping Sounds of Herschell Gordon Lewis (2002) 01. Official Warning (Blood Feast Disclaimer) [add]
02. Tragic Kettledrums / Eye Gouged Out / Legs Cut Off! [add]
03. Blood Feast (Main Title) / Homicide Bureau [add]
04. Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering Service [Blood Feast] [add]
05. Brains Knocked Out [Blood Feast] [add]
06. How Dry I Am [Blood Feast] [add]
07. Tongue Torn Out [Blood Feast] [add]
08. 5000 Years Ago / Newscast [add]
09. Critical Condition [Blood Feast] [add]
10. Ancient Weird Religious Rites [Blood Feast] [add]
11. Poolside Frolic [Blood Feast] [add]
12. Trudy Is Sacrificed to Ishtar / Leftovers [add]
13. Chase Scene / A Fitting Death for the Garbage He Was [add]
14. Blood Feast Radio Spot [add]
15. Theme from 2000 Maniacs [2000 Maniacs] [add]
16. Recurring Virtuoso Guitar Bit [2000 Maniacs] [add]
17. Lister's Garbage / I Told You That Blade Was Sharp! [add]
18. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms [2000 Maniacs] [add]
19. It's Almost Like Halloween [2000 Maniacs] [add]
20. Tom's Bright Idea [2000 Maniacs] [add]
21. Escape Attempt/Guests of Honor [add]
22. Quicksand! [2000 Maniacs] [add]
23. Dixie [2000 Maniacs] [add]
24. Safe at Last [2000 Maniacs] [add]
25. Teetering Rock [2000 Maniacs] [add]
26. Old Joe Clark [2000 Maniacs] [add]
27. Gruesome Twosome Radio Spot [add]
28. White Lightning [From Moonshine Mountain] [add]
29. Suburban Roulette [From Suburban Roulette] [add]
30. The Pill [From the Girl, The Body and the Pill] [add]
31. She-Devils on Wheels Radio Spot [add]
32. Get off the Road [From She DeVils on Wheels] [add]
33. Bad Day [From Blast off Girls] [add]
34. Noise [From Blast off Girls] [add]
35. Destruction [From Just for the Hell of It] [add]
36. Blast off Girls Rock'n'roll Party [From Blast off Girls] [add]
37. Living Venus [From Living Venus] [add]

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