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Jack Drag lyrics
Genre: Rock
Jack Drag (1996) 01. Velour [add]
02. Loop [add]
03. Hail the Caffeine Dream [add]
04. Should've Told [add]
05. Dope Box [add]
06. There Was a Moon... [add]
07. Friends [add]
08. Raincoat lyrics
09. Space 67 [add]
10. Bright Day [add]

Unisex Headwave (1997) 01. Unisex Headwave [add]
02. Nilla Wafer [add]
03. Cha Cha [add]
04. Screw [add]
05. Surfin' le Charles [add]
06. "Hey Rod, What's the Word?" [add]
07. Tattoo [add]
08. Bad Mood [add]
09. Freakin' in Calistone [add]
10. Veenus [add]

Dope Box (1998) 01. Debutante [add]
02. Psycho Clogs [add]
03. Seem So Tired [add]
04. Dope Box [add]
05. Sinner's Delight [add]
06. Surfin' the Charles [add]
07. Where Are We [add]
08. Tall Buildings [add]
09. Best Friend [add]
10. Distorto Toy-Drum Love [add]
11. I Feel Really O.K. [add]
12. Kung Fu Dub [add]

Soft Songs LP: Aviating (2000) 01. Aviating [add]
02. We Could've Been Big [add]
03. 1000 Dancing People With Sub-Machine Guns [add]
04. Wow! (Dig the No Scene) [add]
05. Interlude [add]
06. Crazy [add]
07. Future Is Now: Yesterday [add]
08. At the Symphony, I Could Be [add]
09. An Evening at the Boston Music Awards [add]
10. Only, Only One, Pt. 1-2 [add]

The Sun Inside (2002) 01. My Favorite Hole [add]
02. FM Royalty [add]
03. Smile on Fire [add]
04. The Sun Inside [add]
05. April [add]
06. Happy Songs of Lata [add]
07. Gettin' High With Jesus [add]
08. Now or Never [add]
09. Her Voice Made the Angels in Hell Sing [add]
10. She's My Kind of Boy [add]
11. Eighteen [add]
12. I Could Never Let You Go [add]
13. Beer Helps Us Cope [add]
14. Home Is Where? [add]

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