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Phil Coley lyrics
Genre: Folk
Phil Coley (1999) 01. I Don't Want to Be Chained [add]
02. Between the Two of Us [add]
03. I'm Gonna Love You [add]
04. I Waltzed with a Stranger [add]
05. Before the Tear Drops Start to Fall [add]
06. If You're Gonna Cheat [add]
07. From High School Days to Graduation [add]
08. I've Stopped My Crying [add]
09. All Week Long [add]
10. Someone [add]

Baseball Songs Sports Heroes (2001) 01. The Golden Greek [add]
02. Fenway [add]
03. The Mystery of the World [add]
04. Babe Ruth's Curse I [add]
05. Babe Ruth's Curse II [add]
06. Baseball's Mortal Sin [add]
07. God's Not a Mets Fan [add]
08. Louis Sockalexis [add]
09. I'm Not Your Mascot, I'm a Man! [add]
10. Smokey Joe [add]
11. Let's Not Forget [add]
12. Who? [add]
13. Who's the Greatest Red Sox Fan? [add]
14. The Hottest Game [add]
15. Lucky the Lobstah [add]
16. The Wild Blueberry Song [add]

Sports Songs and Beyond (2005) 01. Hell Freezes Over! [add]
02. Wait 'Till Next Year! [add]
03. Say It Ain't So Baseball! [add]
04. Who's the Best Female Pitcher? [add]
05. This Is Your Season to Remember [add]
06. Let Buck Back In! [add]
07. The Curse of the Bambino Is Back! [add]
08. They Called Him Charlie Hustle [add]
09. The Curse of Billy Penn [add]
10. Baseball's Back in D.C. [add]
11. Our Dynasty of Heart [add]
12. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders [add]
13. Tornado Tex [add]
14. Rodeo of Love [add]
15. Rodeo Clown [add]
16. Ben the Bull [add]
17. The Cowboy in a Hundred Gallon Hat [add]
18. A Home Full of Memories [add]
19. Every Woman Needs a Wife! [add]
20. Heartache, I'm Breaking Up with You! [add]
21. Johnny Silver [add]
22. Put Jesus Back in Christmas [add]
23. Sam the Sleigh [add]
24. Santa You're Just an Old Texas Cowboy [add]

Tropical Colors (2005) 01. Trade Winds [add]
02. Villa Caprice [add]
03. Saint Andrews [add]
04. Monica [add]
05. Mangos [add]
06. Spring Fever [add]
07. Never Alone [add]
08. Carnival [add]
09. Bird of Brazil [add]
10. Zig Zag Alley [add]
11. Gulf Coast Time [add]

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