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Rebel Nation lyrics
Genre: Rap
The Ruffdraft 2.2 (2003) 01. Whenever U Ready by Soldier/Lilsmirk [add]
02. Keep on Moving by Monica's Faith [add]
03. Sucka for Love by Mista Kista aka Lilsmirk [add]
04. Grench's Frustration by the Grench [add]
05. We Not Just by Outragus [add]
06. U-Turn by Soldier [add]
07. Pencil Whipping by Reb-1 [add]
08. Ya Heard by Lucky Luchiano/Lilsmirk [add]
09. Times Is So Crucial by Mista Kista aka Lilsmirk [add]
10. Conscious Got Me Tweeking by the Grench [add]
11. The Devil Was a Sly Old Fox by Lucky Luchiano [add]
12. Selling Rhymes for Dub by the Grench/JP [add]
13. Ya'll Don't Pump No Fear by Soldier/Lilsmirk [add]
14. Just Can't Trust a Motherfucka by JP/The Grench [add]
15. Back Up off Me by Monica's Faith [add]
16. Don't Trust No Bitch by Lucky Luchiano [add]
17. Black Lust for Cash by Joe Cool/The Grench of BLC [add]
18. Mo Money, Mo Troubles by Mike Meezzee/Lilsmirk [add]
19. Lucky & Gotti Freestyling by Lucky Luchiano/Gotti [add]
20. Black Lust for Cash (The Grench Solo) By the Grench [add]
21. Lucky Luchiano (Freestyling) [add]

Natural Born Rebels (2005) 01. Victory by Soldier & Mista Kista [add]
02. Come Wit Me by Verbal Feat. Lady Soul & Sonny Bonno [add]
03. Is It My Destiny by Mista Kista Feat. Sonny Bonno [add]
04. Riding Like What by the Grench [add]
05. She's All Rebel by Soldier Feat. Adimu of Hairdoo [add]
06. Don't Fuck Wit Us by Lucky Luchiano [add]
07. Evil & Money Traps by the Gr8 Weas [add]
08. Running Thru Ni**as by Outragus [add]
09. If U Like Bad Guys by Soldier [add]
10. Damion by the Grench [add]
11. Ways They Jerk Us by Mista Kista Feat. Shaka of Hairdoo [add]
12. Divided We Fall by Soldier [add]
13. One Life to Live by Verbal & The Gr8 Weas [add]
14. Sinners Testimony by Lucky [add]
15. Revelations by Mista Kista [add]
16. 16 Bars by Verbal [add]
17. Stay Plotting by the Gr8 Weas [add]
18. Rebels Never Die by the Grench [add]
19. Why I Talk Shit by the Gr8 Weas, Verbal, & Lucky [add]
20. #1 by Verbal, The Gr8 Weas & Lucky [add]

The Compilation (2006) 01. Dock of the Bay Feat. Rebel Nation [add]
02. Roll Wit Me Feat. Sonny [add]
03. Party Feat. Sonny, Mista Kista & Verbal_e_bent [add]
04. If U Lonely by Sonny & Lady Soul [add]
05. Chemistry by the Gr8 Weas Feat. Sonny & Lady Soul [add]
06. Our Love Feat. Lady Soul [add]
07. Get Back by Verbal_e_bent [add]
08. Complete by the Gr8 Weas Feat Sonny, Anonymous & Verbal_e_bent [add]
09. I Like What I See by Mr. Grench Feat. Sonny [add]
10. Lay Your Body Down by Sonny [add]
11. Babylon Is Here by Eddie D & Mista Kista [add]
12. My All in All Man by Lady Soul [add]
13. Kingdom of Heaven by the Gr8 Weas [add]
14. Melody by Sonny Feat. Cam aka Joe Cool [add]
15. Deezam by Verbal_e_bent [add]
16. Leave Me Alone by Lady Soul [add]
17. Product of Society by Mr. Grench [add]
18. Wanna Come Home by Sonny Feat. [add]
19. The Haunted By (Ben) Lucky [add]
20. A Love Now Gone by Lady Soul [add]
21. Sideshow by Sonny, Mr. Grench & Verbal_e_bent [add]

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