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The Squires of the Subterrain lyrics
Genre: Rock
Electric Blanket (1991) 01. Intro Theme [add]
02. View Mobile [add]
03. Yellow Cellophane Paper [add]
04. Portrait of My Neighbor [add]
05. Clown Serenade [add]
06. Planet Patrol [add]
07. Washing Machine Experiment [add]
08. Cow Catcher [add]
09. Squire of My Neighborhood [add]
10. Silly String [add]

Liquid Sundays (1993) 01. Love Is Like the Sun [add]
02. Jetblack Sunrise [add]
03. Cherry Creek Lane [add]
04. Caught in the Colors [add]
05. Sun Dials Melt (In the Sun) [add]
06. Shadows Growing (In the Shade) [add]
07. Funny Feeling [add]
08. Love World [add]
09. Sleepy [add]
10. Woodrow Wilson [add]
11. Liquid Sundays [add]
12. Can't Find Love [*] [add]

Hello Good Morning (1995) 01. Mrs. Maude [add]
02. Disregard [add]
03. View Mobile [add]
04. Half a World Away [add]
05. Pretty Pick-Pocket [add]
06. Intoxicating Violet [add]
07. Paperboy (Out-Take) [add]
08. Concerning Helen White [add]
09. Princess Pasquinade [add]
10. Half a World Away [add]
11. Hello, Good Morning [add]
12. Ocean Stained (Her Eyes) [add]
13. Untitled No. 17 [add]
14. Ocean Stained [*] [add]

Scrapbook (1996) 01. Holiday [add]
02. Small Town Girl [add]
03. Umbrellas Open [add]
04. Scrapbook [add]
05. My House Is Your House [add]
06. Walkin' a Hole (Thru My Shoe) [add]
07. Lover's Knot [add]
08. Happy Birthday (Mother Dear) [add]
09. Country Home [add]
10. Christmas Time [add]

Big Boy Pete Treats (2002) 01. Party on Down [add]
02. There You Go [add]
03. Down in the Street [add]
04. Be Yourself [add]
05. What's Goin? On [add]
06. Genius Man [add]
07. Only Fools Are Sure [add]
08. Make Love to Me [add]
09. I Do Declare [add]
10. It Didn't Do Much Good [add]
11. Flashbacks [add]
12. It Don?T Make No Difference [add]
13. I'd Love to Love You Again [add]
14. Henry Nut [add]
15. Half a Crown/Party Reprise [add]

Admiral Albert's Apparition/Super-Plexi Automatic (2002) 01. Admiral Albert's Apparition [add]
02. Art Gallery [add]
03. Intoxicating Violet [add]
04. Calico Crayon [add]
05. Blue Prince [add]
06. Museum [add]
07. Sewing Machine [add]
08. Sunbury Delaware [add]
09. Harry [add]
10. Can't Find Love [add]
11. East Coast Surfin' [add]
12. Needle [add]
13. Barrel of Fun [add]
14. Miss Hurry Weather's Overcoat [add]

Strawberries on Sunday (2003) 01. Minutes Before the Destruction [add]
02. Sweet [add]
03. Falling Star [add]
04. Kitty Cologne [add]
05. Strawberries on Sunday [add]
06. Ferret Girl [add]
07. Air-Guitar [add]
08. Marisol [add]
09. 4-Leaf Clover Girl [add]
10. There You Are [add]
11. The Lost and Found [add]
12. Correspondence [add]

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