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Mark Isham lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Vapor Drawings (1983) 01. Many Chinas [add]
02. Sympathy and Acknowledgment [add]
03. On the Threshold of Liberty [add]
04. When Things Dream [add]
05. Raffles in Rio [add]
06. Something Nice for My Dog [add]
07. Men Before the Mirror [add]
08. Mr. Moto's Penguin (Who'd Be an Eskimo's Wife?) [add]
09. In the Blue Distance [add]

The Steadfast Tin Soldier (1987) 01. The Steadfast Tin Soldier [add]
02. The Doors of Life Unveiled [add]
03. Love Song to a Ballerina [add]
04. A Nocturnal Waltz [add]
05. Entering the Kingdom of Nature [add]
06. Journey Through the Poem of a Tempestuous Sea [add]
07. Gentle Echo on a Ballerina [add]
08. Love's Ash Dissolves [add]
09. A Spangled Heart-Belonging to All Time and Earth [add]

We Begin (1987) 01. The Melancholy of Departure [add]
02. Ceremony in Starlight [add]
03. We Begin [add]
04. Lord Ananea [add]
05. Surface and Symbol [add]
06. Sweet Circle [add]
07. Fanfare [add]

Castalia (1988) 01. Grand Parade [add]
02. My Wife With Champagne Shoulders [add]
03. Meeting With the Parabolist [add]
04. Tales from the Maidan [add]
05. Dream of Three Acrobats [add]
06. Gracious Core [add]

Tibet (1989) 01. Part I [add]
02. Part II [add]
03. Part III [add]
04. Part IV [add]
05. Part V [add]

Emperor's New Clothes (1990) 01. The Emperor's New Clothes [add]
02. An Imperial Praeludium [add]
03. Here Come the Weavers [add]
04. Quatricinium (Opus 87) [add]
05. A Faithful Old Minister [add]
06. A Complicated Fish Motif (Woven) [add]
07. Fanfare for the Imperial Portrait [add]
08. A Trusted Official [add]
09. The Emperor's Dream [add]
10. An Imperial Inspection [add]
11. The Weaver's Nocturne [add]
12. The Imperial Fitting [add]
13. The Emperor's Processing: An Imperial Postludium [add]

Mark Isham (1990) 01. Honeymoon Nights [add]
02. I Never Will Know [add]
03. Marionette [add]
04. An Eye on the World [add]
05. Blue Moon [add]
06. Ashes and Diamonds [add]
07. Toward the Infinite White [add]
08. Songs of the Flying Fish [add]
09. Turkish Delight [add]

Little Man Tate (1991) 01. Little Man Swing [add]
02. Little Man Lost [add]
03. With and Without Science [add]
04. A Walk on the Cool Side [add]
05. Fred and Dede [add]
06. Shadow Play [add]
07. Missing You Too [add]
08. Clipper Ships [add]
09. White Iris [add]
10. Kids and Grownups [add]
11. The Combustion Bounce [add]
12. Books, Dreams and Shadows [add]
13. Home and Not Alone [add]
14. The Little Man Swing (Reprise) [add]

Songs My Children Taught Me (1991) 01. The Steadfast Tin Soldier [add]
02. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Continued) [add]
03. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Continued) [add]
04. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Continued) [add]
05. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Continued) [add]
06. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Continued) [add]
07. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Continued) [add]
08. The Emperor and the Nightingale [add]
09. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
10. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
11. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
12. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
13. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
14. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
15. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
16. The Emperor and the Nightingale (Continued) [add]
17. Thumbelina [add]
18. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
19. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
20. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
21. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
22. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
23. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
24. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
25. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
26. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
27. Thumbelina (Continued) [add]
28. The Emperor's New Clothes [add]
29. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
30. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
31. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
32. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
33. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
34. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
35. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
36. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
37. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
38. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]
39. The Emperor's New Clothes (Continued) [add]

The Hitcher (1992) 01. Headlights (Main Title) [add]
02. The Chosen [add]
03. Keys [add]
04. Dust and Gasoline [add]
05. Dream [add]
06. Dogs [add]
07. Suicide [add]
08. Gun [add]
09. Cars and Helicopters [add]
10. Motel [add]
11. Transfer [add]
12. Endgame [add]
13. Guards and Cards [add]
14. The Hitcher/End Credits [add]

A River Runs Through It (1992) 01. A River Runs Through It [add]
02. Casting Presbyterian Style [add]
03. A Land Filled With Wonder [add]
04. Down the Alley (With You) [add]
05. A Summer of Lumber and Fishing [add]
06. Shooting the Chutes [add]
07. Three Fisherman [add]
08. A Trip to the Unknown [add]
09. A Four-Count Rhythm [add]
10. The Sheik of Araby [add]
11. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
12. Je Ne Sais Quois [add]
13. Swing Me High, Swing Me Low [add]
14. A Place Remembered [add]
15. A Remark Was Passed [add]
16. Rugged Cross [add]
17. Muskrat Ramble [add]
18. Rawhide [add]
19. The Wild Ride [add]
20. Early Departure [add]
21. The Splendor in the Grass [add]
22. Jessie and Norman [add]
23. Lolo's [add]
24. The High Road [add]
25. Yes, Quite a Day [add]
26. A Fine Fisherman and the Big Blackfoot River [add]
27. The Moment That Could Not Last [add]
28. Too Deep for Tears [add]
29. Without Complete Understanding [add]
30. In the Half-Light of the Canyon [add]
31. Haunted by Waters-A River Runs Through It (Reprise) [add]

Timecop [Original Soundtrack] (1994) 01. Time Cop [add]
02. Melissa [add]
03. Blow Up [add]
04. Lasers and Tasers [add]
05. Polaroid [add]
06. Rooftop [add]
07. C4 [add]
08. Rescue and Return [add]

Blue Sun (1995) 01. Barcelona [add]
02. That Beautiful Sadness [add]
03. Trapeze [add]
04. Lazy Afternoon [add]
05. Blue Sun [add]
06. In More Than Love [add]
07. And Miles to Go...Before He Sleeps [add]
08. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
09. Tour de Chance [add]

The Net (1995) 01. Act I [add]
02. Act II [add]
03. Act III [add]
04. Act IV [add]

Education of Little Tree (1998) 01. Little Tree [add]
02. Through Cherokee Eyes [add]
03. She's Comin' Alive [add]
04. Trail of Tears [add]
05. Testifyin' Day [add]
06. Revenooers! [add]
07. The Understanding [add]
08. At Notched Gap [add]
09. There's All Kind of Dyin' [add]
10. Talking to the Dog Star [add]
11. A Secret Place [add]
12. We'll All of Us Be Together [add]
13. Willow John [add]
14. The Education of Little Tree [add]

Afterglow (1998) 01. After the Glow Has Gone [add]
02. Yeses, Noes and in-Betweens [add]
03. A Life Suspended [add]
04. Hope and Charity [add]
05. For Charles [add]
06. Yeses and Noes [add]
07. Undecided [add]
08. The Frenzy [add]
09. Afterglow [add]
10. Afterglow (Reprise) [add]

At First Sight [Score/Soundtrack] (1999) 01. At First Sight [add]
02. A Simple Touch [add]
03. This Is What Beautiful Looks Like [add]
04. A Seeing Celebration [add]
05. To Share a Feeling [add]
06. A Seeing Journey [add]
07. You Don't See Me [add]
08. This Look I Love [add]
09. Our Eyes Aren't What Make Us See [add]
10. Love Is Where You Are [add]
11. A Kiss to Build a Dream On [add]
12. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
13. Easy Come, Easy Go [add]
14. They Can't Take That Away from Me [add]
15. Love Is Where You Are [add]

Miles Remembered: The Silent Way Project (1999) 01. In a Silent Way - Milestones [add]
02. Right Off [Theme from Jack Johnson] [add]
03. Internet [add]
04. All Blues [add]
05. It's About That Time [add]
06. Azael [add]
07. Spanish Key [add]
08. Ife [add]
09. Great Expectations [add]
10. Black Satin [add]

Crash [Original Soundtrack] (2005) 01. Crash [add]
02. Go Forth My Son [add]
03. Hands in Plain Sight [add]
04. ...Safe Now [add]
05. No Such Things as Monsters [add]
06. Find My Baby [add]
07. Negligence [add]
08. Flames [add]
09. Siren [add]
10. A Really Good Cloak [add]
11. A Harsh Warning [add]
12. Saint Christopher [add]
13. Sense of Touch [add]
14. In the Deep [add]
15. Maybe Tomorrow [add]

The Black Dahlia (2006) 01. The Zoot Suit Riots [add]
02. At Norton and Coliseum [add]
03. The Dahlia [add]
04. The Two of Us [add]
05. Mr. Fire Versus Mr. Ice [add]
06. Madeline [add]
07. Dwight and Kay [add]
08. Hollywoodland [add]
09. Red Arrow Inn [add]
10. Men Who Feed on Others [add]
11. Super Cops [add]
12. Death at the Olympic [add]
13. No Other Way [add]
14. Betty Short [add]
15. Nothing Stays Buried Forever [add]

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