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ZGA lyrics
Genre: New Age
The End of an Epoch (1991) 01. Mnemonia [add]
02. Boschiana [add]
03. Figures and Letters [add]
04. World Has Thinned Out [add]
05. Moon's Fury [add]
06. God's Plant [add]
07. Shadow [add]
08. Go Back [add]
09. Dialects [add]
10. Von Weisheit Keine Spür [add]
11. The End of an Epoch [add]

Zgamoniums (1991) 01. Power of Matter [add]
02. Zig Zag [add]
03. The Future Belongs to... [add]
04. Boredom [add]
05. Reason [add]
06. More Than Tactile [add]
07. What Truth? [add]
08. Triumph of Intestinal Thinking [add]
09. One Day Wasted [add]
10. QN 12 [add]
11. Thickness of Fumes [add]
12. Crossing of Parrallels [add]
13. Invention of the Wheel [add]
14. Inveterating [add]
15. One Is Dancing Because He Has Forgotten That He Is Dead [add]
16. Pereicotuum Eze Mestichniosty [add]
17. 3.14..... [add]
18. Modesty of the River [add]
19. Canard [add]

Sub Luna Morrior (1996) 01. Zgalero [add]
02. Hedgehog [add]
03. We Don't Believe That We Are Here [add]
04. We Don't Believe That We Exist [add]
05. Downcast Miserable [add]
06. Dark Side of the Light [add]
07. Icefloating [add]
08. There Is Only the Wind on Top of the Mountain [add]
09. Right Side of the Left [add]
10. Three Ways (All Ways Are Worst) [add]
11. Diarrhoea [add]
12. Back to the East [add]
13. Someone, Somewhere, Sometimes [add]
14. All We Need Is Water [add]
15. Hedgehog in the Pocket [add]
16. Nma 90 [add]
17. Sub Luna [add]

Flight of Infection (2005) 01. The Happiness in the Hole [add]
02. The Low Birds [add]
03. We Are from the Darkness [add]
04. Go to Me, I [add]
05. Out [add]
06. The Fierce Whine [add]
07. The Flight [add]
08. In the End of the Way [add]
09. Time to Change the Climate [add]
10. Don't Strangle Me [add]
11. The Leech [add]
12. The Snare [add]
13. Mortum Sum Pridem [add]

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