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The Kinsey Sicks lyrics
Genre: Vocal
Boyz 2 Girlz (2000) 01. Diva! [live] [add]
02. The Group Kinsey Sicks [add]
03. Where the Goys Are [live] [add]
04. I Will Swallow Him [add]
05. Gay Serā Serā [live] [add]
06. Baby Dyke [add]
07. Song for an Answering Machine [add]
08. Dead Princess [add]
09. Queen of the Nile [live] [add]
10. April Sat on My Master's Face [add]
11. El Niņo [add]
12. Gay, Straight or Bi [add]
13. Wear Names [add]
14. Baby in the Bathtub [live] [add]
15. I Wish You Peace [add]
16. Titanic: Why Does Celine Go On? [live] [add]
17. Inflatable [add]
18. Papiroseen [live] [add]
19. Anal Warts: A Sing-Along [add]

Dragapella (2001) 01. Brava! [add]
02. Gentle Loving People [add]
03. Kinsey Sicks Theme Song [add]
04. Take Me Home to Meet Your Mama [add]
05. Lifesize Jesus [add]
06. Men Are Pigs (But Why Keep Kosher?) [add]
07. Be Here Next Year [add]
08. The Rose [add]
09. Impossible Mission [add]
10. Begoņa's Song [add]
11. Self-Esteem [add]
12. Keep Your Hands Away [add]
13. Worry [add]
14. Proud Marys [add]
15. Azt [add]
16. I Wish I Knew It Would Feel to Be Free [add]
17. Baster Baby Blues [add]
18. Macaroona [add]
19. Beaver [add]

Sicks in the City (2002) 01. You're Scaring Us [add]
02. Locked Out of the Chapel of Love [add]
03. Amour, Amour [add]
04. Cruise People Uglier Than You [live] [add]
05. Don't Let There Be a Morning After [live] [add]
06. Ad Nauseum [add]
07. Bugle Boy on Avenue B [add]
08. What You Never Told ME [live] [add]
09. Mci [live] [add]
10. Dubya [live] [add]
11. Fetish [live] [add]
12. Leaning Close [live] [add]
13. It's Crystal Time in the City [live] [add]
14. Snatchmaker Snatchmaker [add]
15. Nice Jewish Girls [add]
16. Proud Marys - Special "Bone Us! " Track [add]
17. Everybody Loves a Drag Queen [add]
18. Sexy Underwear [live] [add]

I Wanna Be a Republican (2004) 01. I Wanna Be a Republican [add]
02. Why Can't We Fuck [add]
03. Clean [add]
04. It Isn't Easy Being Dumm [add]
05. Be a Slut [live] [add]
06. Can't Help Lovin' That Hand [live] [add]
07. Rent a Homo [add]
08. Don't Rein in My Buffet [add]
09. The Day We Were [live] [add]
10. I've Been Through Parasites (But I've Never Had VD) [add]
11. Lo Que Paso, Paso [add]
12. Jerry's Song [live] [add]
13. I Wil Always Love Booze [live] [add]
14. When You're Good to Dubya [add]
15. Buy My Pride, [live] [add]
16. By My Pride [live] [add]
17. Do You Believe I've Lasted This Long? [add]

Oy Vey in a Manger [live] (2005) 01. Dragapella Chorus [add]
02. God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians [add]
03. Winnie Looks Radiant! [add]
04. I Had a Little Facial [add]
05. The Story of Christmas [add]
06. Crystal Time in the City [add]
07. The Truth About Chanukah [add]
08. Chanukah Medley: Jews Better Watch Out/Hock Your Wages [add]
09. Jingle Bells, Don't Ask Don't Tell [add]
10. A Lay in a Manger [add]
11. Oh! Hoey Night [add]
12. Rachel Misses Her Family [add]
13. Worry [add]
14. 'Tis the Season to Drink Stoli [add]
15. Let's Let the Carolers Sing! [add]
16. Christmas Medley: Vanna White Christmas/I'll Be Cloned for Christmas/O [add]
17. Oh Yes, The Donner Party! [add]
18. Soylent Night [add]
19. Macaroona [add]
20. J.C. Who Saves Us from Temptation [add]
21. Jenny Craig Feel My Sorrow [add]
22. What's So Funny About Yiddish? [add]
23. Papirossen [add]
24. Harried Little Christmas [add]

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