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Joel Frankel lyrics
Genre: Folk
If Peter Pans Out (1995) 01. Steel Balls [add]
02. God, I Need Coffee [add]
03. My List of Things to Do [add]
04. Love Without Symptoms [add]
05. Kiss Her on the Lips [add]
06. Beat Them at Their Own Game [add]
07. Eastern Standart Time [add]
08. From One Salvation to Another [add]
09. So Much to Do [add]
10. Second Best [add]
11. The Wrong Man [add]
12. Touring [add]

Ship of Chocolate Chips (2005) 01. Hey Little People [add]
02. Bagels and Cream Cheese [add]
03. Ship of Chocolate Chips [add]
04. The Big Backyard (The Squirrels Sonata) [add]
05. Wacky Weather Watcher [add]
06. Are We There Yet? [add]
07. Fly Fly Butterfly [add]
08. Wilbur the Baseball Cap [add]
09. Shoe Blues [add]
10. Hey Cloud [add]
11. Nobody's Lunch [add]
12. Red Racer [add]
13. Ukelelewho? [add]
14. Moon Tickle [add]
15. Which Do You Like More? [add]
16. Boom Sh'boom [add]

Don't Sit on a Cactus (2007) 01. Howdy How How [add]
02. I'd Be a Bee [add]
03. Bubble Gum Baby [add]
04. Tails [add]
05. Hair [add]
06. This Is How We Talk [add]
07. Don't Sit on a Cactus [add]
08. Rocking Horse [add]
09. Animal Rainbow [add]
10. We Go Together [add]
11. Go to Sleep with the Moon [add]

I Can't Sit Still (2007) 01. All in a Boat [add]
02. Mikey Made a Mess [add]
03. Welcome [add]
04. I Just Got a Present [add]
05. Charlie Is a Spoon [add]
06. King and Queen [add]
07. Rap Up the Party [add]
08. I Can't Sit Still [add]
09. Catchy Cat [add]
10. Noah, Won't You Take Me on the Ark [add]
11. Flying Boy [add]
12. Friends Come in All Colors [add]
13. Ah Choo [add]
14. Tomorrow Is Yours [add]

Jojo the Scarecrow: Barnyard Bash (2007) 01. The Beginning [add]
02. Jojo's Barnyard Bash [add]
03. What the Rooster Do [add]
04. Howdy How-How [add]
05. Froggies [add]
06. Where Is the Fox [add]
07. It's Chicken Cluck Time [add]
08. Geese Are Honkers [add]
09. I'd Be a Bee [add]
10. Lamb Jam [add]
11. Catchy Cat [add]
12. Hey Horse [add]
13. The Dog's House [add]
14. Pig's Love a Puddle of Mud [add]
15. Rabbit's Hopping Habbit [add]

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