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Ward Churchill lyrics
Genre: Spoken Word
In a Pig's Eye: Reflections on the Police State ... (2002) 01. Christian Parenti Introduction [add]
02. Hello My Relatives [add]
03. The Anniversary of Pine Ridge [add]
04. A 500-Year War [add]
05. The Richest People in America [add]
06. ...or Poorest [add]
07. A Nation of Their Own [add]
08. Investigating the FBI [add]
09. Function of the Bureau [add]
10. The Birth of Cointelpro [add]
11. Some Really Nasty Stuff [add]
12. You Have a Police State [add]
13. Luster of a Pinkerton Man [add]
14. Badges for Vigilantes [add]
15. Contract Repression [add]
16. The FBI Warms Up [add]
17. Getting Mr. Garvey [add]
18. The Land of Free Speech [add]
19. Infiltrators [add]
20. Operation Hoodwink [add]
21. FBI/KKK [add]
22. A Mistake in Mississippi [add]
23. #1 Security Threat [add]
24. Repression Evolves [add]
25. An Awesome Violence [add]
26. Breaking Resistance [add]
27. "I'd Have Blown Their Brains Out" [add]
28. Our Obligation [add]
29. Peltier's Freedom [add]
30. Truth in Advertising [add]
31. Who Profits?/Strategy? [add]
32. What Can Be Done? [add]

Pacifism and Pathology in the Amercian Left [live] (2003) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Pacifism as Pathology [add]
03. Power Already Knows the Truth [add]
04. The State Loves a Parade [add]
05. Blaming the Vicitims [add]
06. Do Not Foreclose Any Tactical Option [add]
07. Privilege Breeds Delusion [add]
08. Eichmann Investments, Top Floor [add]
09. Anti-Terrorism Backlash [add]
10. The Price They Pay [add]
11. Ends and Means [add]
12. Movement Examples [add]
13. Solidarity [add]
14. No Pain, No Gain [add]
15. Exemption Is Over [add]
16. It's Been Real [add]

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