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The Manges lyrics
Genre: Rock
Rocket to You! (93-99) (1999) 01. Mandy [add]
02. Zombie [add]
03. My Direction [add]
04. Do My Stuff [add]
05. Only You Are the Girl Who Hits the Gas [add]
06. She's a Punk [add]
07. Oh, Mary [add]
08. Break Up Your Radio [add]
09. Summer's Gone [add]
10. Ruin Myself with Road to Ruin [add]
11. Teenangel [add]
12. Melissa is a Rockabilly Rebel [add]
13. I Hate You, David [add]
14. Time Bomb [add]
15. The Only Cool Girl in Ladbroke Grove (fast) [add]
16. Manges are Back! [add]
17. Richie's Party [add]
18. Me or You [add]
19. Munster Beat [add]
20. Dunkin' Donna [add]
21. Rocket to You! [add]

The Manges 'R' Good Enough (2002) 01. I'm a Monkey [add]
02. Blame Game [add]
03. Elvis Has Left the Building [add]
04. I'll Take You to Hawaii [add]
05. I Hate Rats [add]
06. 80's Soldier [add]
07. Kids Are at the Mall [add]
08. Miss Evil [add]
09. Now or Never [add]
10. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough [add]
11. Rumble in Chinatown [add]
12. Yeah (Late Night Song) [add]

Amp Records Battle Royale! (2003) 01. Endless Summer [add]
02. Joey's Got a Yo-Yo [add]
03. Where Did You Go? [add]
04. I Want You Around [add]
05. Roid Rage [add]
06. I Hate My Job [add]
07. Slapshot [add]
08. Surfin' USA [add]
09. Crank It Up [add]
10. Dr. Giggles [add]
11. She's Right [add]
12. Over and Over [add]
13. Punk Rock Veterans [add]
14. Love to Waste Love [add]
15. Issue #9 [add]
16. Do "The Loser" [add]
17. Anti-Heroes [add]
18. In My Head [add]
19. Don't Tell Anyone [add]

Rocket to You! (93-03) (2004) 01. Front Line [add]
02. Havana Affair [add]
03. She's a Punk [add]
04. Oh, Mary [add]
05. Break Up Your Radio [add]
06. Summer's Gone [add]
07. Melissa is a Rockabilly Rebel [add]
08. The Only Cool Girl in Ladbroke Grove [add]
09. Dunkin' Donna [add]
10. I Will Always Do [add]
11. Summertime [add]
12. Mandy [add]
13. Zombie [add]
14. My Direction [add]
15. Breakdown [add]
16. Do "The Loser" [add]
17. She's Right [add]
18. Love to Waste Love [add]
19. Anti-Heroes [add]
20. In My Head [add]
21. Apeman Hop [add]
22. I Wanna (Joey's Song) [add]
23. I'm a Monkey [add]
24. Blame Game [add]
25. 80's Soldier [add]
26. Rumble in Chinatown [add]
27. Yeah (Late Night Song) [add]
28. I Don't Wanna See You Cry [add]
29. Long Way Back [add]
30. Morphine [add]

Go Down (2006) 01. Secret Agent in East Berlin [add]
02. My Rifle [add]
03. Vengeance Is Mine [add]
04. Another Day [add]
05. Revenge of the Nerds [add]
06. In the Van [add]
07. Ten Shots [add]
08. Wonder Wheel [add]
09. Jump the Shark [add]
10. When Heroes Go Down [add]
11. Don't Mess It Up [add]
12. Get Out of My Club [add]
13. Emergency [add]
14. I'm Not Gonna Kill [add]
15. Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy [add]

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