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Christina Harrison lyrics
Genre: Folk
Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee (2001) 01. Come by the Hills [add]
02. Flower of Scotland [add]
03. Ae Fond Kiss [add]
04. Medley: I Belong to Glasgow/Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen/Bonn [add]
05. Annie Laurie [add]
06. Maggie [add]
07. Carrickfergus [add]
08. Scotland the Brave [add]
09. Danny Boy [add]
10. Amazing Grace [add]
11. Doon in Egilsay St. [add]
12. October Winds [add]
13. Bagpipe Set: Kitchen Piper/Chasing the Shadows/Clumsy Lover [add]
14. Of A' the Airts [add]
15. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]

Exiles (2001) 01. Don't Let the Sun Go Down Upon Your Anger [add]
02. Little Piece of Ireland [add]
03. The Town I Loved So Well [add]
04. Paint the Country Blue [add]
05. To Exiles [add]
06. Leaving the Land [add]
07. Home Is in Your Heart [add]
08. Skye Boat Song [add]
09. Caledonia [add]
10. Month of January [add]
11. Starving Wolf with Mange [add]
12. Farewell, Farewell [add]

Lassie Wi' the Lint-White Locks (2001) 01. Captive Song of Mary Stuart [add]
02. Women of Dundee [add]
03. Norland Wind [add]
04. The Bonnie Wee Lassie's Answer [add]
05. Hills of Admorn [add]
06. Yowie' Wi' the Crookit Horn [add]
07. Jute Mill Song [add]
08. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk [add]
09. Orkney Anthem [add]
10. Sheath and Knife [add]
11. Rantin' Rovin Robin [add]
12. Lassie Wi' the Lint-White Locks [add]

Someday I'm Going Home (2001) 01. Without Love [add]
02. Don't Let the Sun Go Down Upon Your Anger [add]
03. Someday I'm Going Home [add]
04. Perfect Love Affair [add]
05. Keeping Track [add]
06. Watercolors [add]
07. I Souldn't Have Treated You So [add]
08. The Housewife's Life's Sae Boring [add]
09. American Dream [add]
10. Walk on the Water [add]
11. How Do You Love Your Children [add]
12. Nothing in the Soul [add]
13. Destiny Unknown [add]

Wee Folk Songs (2001) 01. Doon in Egilsay St. [add]
02. Treacle Toffee Macaroni/Mairzy Dotes/Little Sir Echo [add]
03. Skyscraper Wean [add]
04. Red Yo Yo [add]
05. Puff the Magic Dragon [add]
06. The Unicorn [add]
07. Coulter's Candy [add]
08. My Hamburger Mooed at Me [add]
09. Someone [add]
10. Dark Disco [add]
11. Teddy's Song [add]
12. October Winds [add]

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