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The Ducky Boys lyrics
Genre: Rock
No Getting Out (1997) 01. I'll Rise Up [add]
02. I Don't Give a Shit [add]
03. Pride [add]
04. The Way It Used to Be [add]
05. Cross to Bear (Walk Proud, Stand Tall) [add]
06. Get out of My Way [add]
07. I'll Go Back [add]
08. Nobody's Hero, Nobody's Fool [add]
09. Always Be There [add]
10. Regrets [add]
11. On My Own [add]
12. What's Wrong [add]
13. The River [add]
14. White Slum [add]
15. Bad Moon Rising [add]

Dark Days (1998) 01. These Are the Days [add]
02. Out of the Rut [add]
03. Me Against the World [add]
04. Do You Wrong [add]
05. We'll Find a Way [add]
06. All for One and One for All [add]
07. I've Got My Friends [add]
08. Fourteen [add]
09. I'll Rise Up [add]
10. Another Day [add]
11. A Better Life [add]
12. Misfit [add]
13. No Tales to Tell [add]
14. The Ballad of the Forgotton [add]

Three Chords and the Truth (2004) 01. Boston, USA [add]
02. Pass You By [add]
03. Alone Tonight [add]
04. Scars [add]
05. Fight [add]
06. For the Underdogs [add]
07. Stand by Me [add]
08. Hanging On [add]
09. This Place [add]
10. The Long Road [add]
11. Ain't It a Shame [add]
12. Untitled [add]
13. Break Me [add]
14. Break Me [add]
15. Looking Back [add]
16. Looking Back [add]
17. Richmond Skyline [add]
18. Richmond Skyline [add]
19. Crumbling Heart [add]
20. Crumbling Heart [add]

The War Back Home (2006) 01. Celebrate [add]
02. The Middle Children of History [add]
03. Tortured Soul [add]
04. Isolation [add]
05. Kids [add]
06. Two Thieves and a Savior [add]
07. City Girl [add]
08. Bombs Away [add]
09. Corporate America [add]
10. Outlaw [add]
11. This Time Last Year [add]
12. Contrived and Treacherous [add]

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