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Deadbolt lyrics
Genre: Rock
Shrunken Head (1994) 01. Shrunken Head [add]
02. Down in the Lab [add]
03. El Sadistico [add]
04. Voodoo Doll [add]
05. Hank Watson Stalks the Earth [add]
06. Zip Code [add]
07. You Don't Know Me [add]
08. Slap [add]
09. The Store That Cannot Be Named [add]
10. Blue Light [add]

Tiki Man (1994) 01. Scare Me lyrics
02. Voodoobilly Man lyrics
03. Who the Hell Is Mrs. Valdez? [add]
04. Tiki Man lyrics
05. Insecto [add]
06. Patches the Clown [add]
07. Twang Zombie [add]
08. Channel Five [add]
09. The Meat [add]
10. Mambo Room [add]
11. Chuty's House of Beer [add]
12. Cockeye [add]
13. The Lucy Joke lyrics

Tijuana Hit Squad (1996) 01. El Perversio [add]
02. Tijuana Hit Squad lyrics
03. Convict Man [add]
04. A Hit Gone Wrong lyrics
05. You're Just Like Me [add]
06. I Remember You [add]
07. Conductor [add]
08. Last Time I Saw Cole [add]
09. The Day I Got My Spine Back [add]
10. Devil Took Mrs. Jenkins to Hell [add]
11. She's a Snake [add]
12. Goin' to Witchata [add]
13. Prison Shank [add]
14. The Interview [add]
15. Dad Why Did My Friends Explode [add]

Zulu Death Mask (1998) 01. 15 Year Search [add]
02. Macombos' Revenge [add]
03. Jackals of Botswana [add]
04. Watongo [add]
05. Zulu Death Mask [add]
06. She's Gone Gongwipdu [add]
07. Jimmie's Grave [add]
08. Swahili Bob [add]
09. Burn, Lil' Debby, Burn [add]
10. Creepy and Weird [add]
11. Return of Patches [add]
12. October in Zimbabwe [add]

Voodoo Trucker (2000) 01. Billy's Dead lyrics
02. Voodoo Trucker [add]
03. Truck Driving S.O.B. lyrics
04. Red Cooley [add]
05. Voodoo Curse [add]
06. Mc Gortsy [add]
07. Blacktop Fever [add]
08. Whereabouts Unknown [add]
09. What Can I Do [add]
10. Roadside Cross [add]
11. The Mocker [add]
12. Let's Truck [add]
13. Lone Highway [add]
14. Trucker's Rumble [add]

Hobo Babylon (2001) 01. She Walks With the Dead [add]
02. Hobo Babylon [add]
03. One Day I Will Kill You lyrics
04. It Was You [add]
05. Bitch Tried to Kill Me [add]
06. Creep Me [add]
07. Come on and Get It [add]
08. Po' Boy [add]
09. Big Man Make a Fool of You [add]
10. Patches Rides the Rail [add]
11. Drunk Guy on the Train [add]
12. Who Whacked Paully [add]
13. The Hearse [add]

I Should Have Killed You (2005) 01. I Should Have Killed You [add]
02. Scary Voodoo Girl [add]
03. Telephone the Dead [add]
04. When the Lights Come On [add]
05. Hell Dorado [add]
06. Spot Where They Gunned Him Down [add]
07. Every Minute of the Day [add]
08. She Ran Away [add]
09. El Segundo [add]
10. Tell Me Where He Lies [add]
11. Big John [add]
12. Fright Wig [add]

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