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Three Mile Pilot lyrics
Genre: Rock
Na Vucca Do Lupu (1992) 01. One Step Ladder [add]
02. Sore Loser [add]
03. Slow Hand [add]
04. Pinhut [add]
05. Walking With Your Mother [add]
06. Illwrath [add]
07. Unicycle Silencer [add]
08. Horse Sweat [add]
09. Paralyzed (Dressing the Kill) [add]
10. Feeling Bald [add]
11. Fig [add]
12. Huvakraft [add]
13. Dirt on the Flag Mud on the Wheel [add]

The Chief Assassin to the Sinister [Geffen] (1995) 01. Shang Vs. Hanger [add]
02. Circumcised [add]
03. Aqua-Magnetic [add]
04. The Chief Assassin to the Sinister [add]
05. 97-MT [add]
06. X-Miner [add]
07. Vux Intruder [add]
08. Androsyn [add]

Another Desert, Another Sea (1997) 01. Way of the Ocean [add]
02. If You Cross [add]
03. The Year of No Light [add]
04. Bolivia [add]
05. Kill the Racehorse [add]
06. Eastern Wave [add]
07. Ruin [add]
08. Mending King [add]
09. City of Bones [add]
10. South [add]
11. Glitter Wave [add]
12. Longest Day [add]
13. One False Eye [add]

Songs From an Old Town We Once Knew (2000) 01. Nussun [add]
02. The Silver Monkey Syndicate [add]
03. The House Is Loss [add]
04. Piano Plus [add]
05. Piano Minus [add]
06. Red Sensing [add]
07. Sewn to Our Side [add]
08. In This Town I Awaken [add]
09. The Approach [add]
10. Tripoli [add]
11. Jadulastan Requiem [add]
12. A Very Old Bass [add]
13. This Divine Crown [add]
14. The Open Sided [add]
15. Terry D. [add]
16. Cyrus [add]
17. Everything [add]
18. As All the Fish Go on Parade [add]
19. The Trail [add]
20. Piano Titanic [add]
21. The Urquan Destroyer [add]

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