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The Revels lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Seasons for Singing: A Celebration of Country ... (1995) 01. Now We Are Met [add]
02. Good Ale [add]
03. Speed the Plough [add]
04. Hal- And- Tow [add]
05. Well Rung, Tom [add]
06. Under This Stone Lies Gabriel John [add]
07. Hark! The Bonny Christ Church Bells Ring [add]
08. Byrd One Brere (Bird on a Briar) [add]
09. The Turtle Dove [add]
10. Jones's Ale [add]
11. Dance Reels: The Wind That Shakes the Barley Harvest Home [add]
12. On Ilkla Moor Bah T'At [add]
13. Mairi's Wedding [add]
14. Say, Mighty Love [add]
15. Haste to the Wedding [add]
16. The Wedding Hymn [add]
17. In Wisdom'sa Lovely, Pleasant Ways [add]
18. The Earth Is Our Mother [add]
19. The Rivers of Texas [add]
20. Palms of Victory [add]
21. Once More A-Lumbering Go [add]
22. Fare You Well, Mary Ann [add]
23. Fathom the Bowl [add]
24. The Farmer [add]
25. As I Was Going to Banbury [add]
26. Green Broom [add]
27. Bridgwater Fair [add]
28. One April Morning [add]
29. Miri It Is [add]
30. Sellenger's Round [add]
31. The Padstow Mayer's Song [add]

Celtic Roads: Through Ireland Scotland & Brittany (1998) 01. Strobinell [add]
02. Quand J'étais Jeune [add]
03. Traveller Band Set: Hebridean Weaving Lilt/Love, Will You Marry Me? [add]
04. Bheir Mí Ó [add]
05. Travelling Candyman, the/Seán Buí [add]
06. Le Semeur (The Sower) [add]
07. Brenton Band Set: Marv Pontkalleg /Dañs Mod ... [Pontkalleg's Death] [add]
08. La Mal Maríee [add]
09. Son AR Christr [add]
10. Sweet Blooming Lavender [add]
11. Brenton Band Set: Bal Fisel/An Dro/Pachpi/Gavotte [add]
12. An T--Aiséirí (The Resurrection) [add]
13. Bannielou Lambaol [The Banners of Lanpaul] [add]
14. En Passant Par la Lorraine [add]
15. Livaden Ker-Is [The Drowning of the City of Ys] [add]
16. Traveller Band Set: Bodhrán Improvisation/Peter Turbit's Hornpipe/Toss [add]
17. Eun Dans Kanet/Choukom Dei [add]
18. The Travelling People [add]
19. Mary Young and Fair/Carolan's Welcome [add]
20. Kenavo d'Ar Yaouankis [Farewell to Youth] [add]
21. To the Begging I Will Go/Jack of All Trades [add]
22. Gwin AR C'hallaoued (The Wine of Gaul)/Gavotte [add]
23. Traveller Band Set: Limerick's Lamentation/The Virginia/The Galtee ... [add]
24. Áirde Cuain [add]
25. The Parting Glass [add]

Homeward Bound (2002) 01. Roll Down [add]
02. Can't You Dance the Polka? [add]
03. Threescore and Ten [add]
04. The Maid on the Shore [add]
05. Ocean [add]
06. The Leaving of Liverpool [add]
07. Here's a Health to the Company [add]
08. Drake's Drum [add]
09. Run the Riggin' Again [add]
10. Noah's Ark [add]
11. The Herring's Head [add]
12. Two Children's Sea Songs: The Fish of the Sea/Yea Ho, Little Fish [add]
13. Dance Set [add]
14. Euroclydon [add]
15. Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy [add]
16. Boston [add]
17. Blood-Red Roses [add]
18. Anchor Song [add]
19. Lady Franklin's Lament [add]
20. The Last Leviathan [add]
21. Rolling Down to Old Maui [add]
22. The Jamestown Homeward Bound [add]
23. Rolling Home to Old New England [add]

Rose and Thistle: English and Scottish Music (2005) 01. Blessed Be That Maid Marie [add]
02. The Buffens [add]
03. The Old Year Now Away Is Fled [add]
04. The Black Alman [add]
05. What Child Is This? [add]
06. Pastime with Good Company [add]
07. Courante [add]
08. Carol of the Twelve Days [add]
09. Deo Gratias (Thanks Be to God), Motet [add]
10. Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sang [add]
11. Praeludium, Lute Solo [add]
12. Mistress Nichols Almand [add]
13. The Earl of Essex Galliard [add]
14. Volta [add]
15. Da Day Dawis (The Day Dawns) (Shetland) [add]
16. All Sons of Adam [add]
17. My Lord of Marche Paven [add]
18. Galliard [add]
19. Lytill Blak [add]
20. Coulter's Candy [add]
21. The Three Craws [add]
22. Will Ye No' Come Back Again? [add]
23. Blue Bonnets Pipe March/Drops of Brandy [add]
24. Some Say the Devil's Dead [add]
25. The Four Tradesmen [add]
26. Ca' the Yowes (Call the Ewes) [add]
27. Niel Gow's Lamentation for the Death of His Second Wife [add]
28. The Haughs of Cromdale [add]
29. The Pitnacree Ferryman/Mrs. McLeod of Raasay/Jenny Dang the Weaver, A ... [add]
30. Sae Will We Yet [add]
31. Scotland the Brave/The Rowan Tree/Bonnie Dundee, A Medley of ... [add]
32. Rorate Coeli Desuper (Drop Down, Heavens, From Above) [add]

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