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Rank Strangers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Consumption (0000) 01. Smash It ! [add]
02. I Am in Mourning for My Life [add]
03. Ana Voog Is Sleeping [add]
04. Rayner Park [add]
05. Just Desserts [add]
06. October Twenty-Seventh [add]
07. Graveside Manor [add]
08. Dust Is in the Air [add]
09. Planetarium [add]
10. Niagra Falls [add]
11. Local Band [add]
12. PS Get Rest [add]

I Only Fear That We Are Modern (0000) 01. I Repeat Myelf #1 [add]
02. Opinion: Influenza [add]
03. Trash Can Station [add]
04. Industry Standard [add]
05. The Locust Years of Chelsea [add]
06. Birthday Movie [add]
07. The Hangman and the Postcard [add]
08. Whatever You Want to Haunt You Will Haunt You [add]
09. Is It Safe? [add]
10. One Life to Live [add]
11. Marathon Man [add]
12. Poor Everyone [add]
13. Weak as Water [add]
14. Seasick [add]
15. I Only Fear That We Are Modern [add]
16. Rosaries [add]
17. I Repeat Myself #2 [add]

Rank Strangers (1977) 01. Starting All over Again [add]
02. Time Will Tell [add]
03. Tumbling Tumbleweeds [add]
04. Do Right Woman [add]
05. What Did I Do? [add]
06. Ragtime Convoy Joe [add]
07. Where the Grass Won't Grow [add]
08. For as Long as I Live [add]
09. All I Have Is Memories [add]
10. Too Ripe on the Vine [add]

Far Cry from Here (1995) 01. Seventh Sign [add]
02. St. Paul [add]
03. Hall of Crowns [add]
04. Mean Old World [add]
05. Daylight Savings [add]
06. Jesus [add]
07. Will Fall Down [add]
08. Crutches [add]
09. Fargo Walk of Fame [add]
10. Sweet Nothings [add]

Mystery Spot [live] (1996) 01. Passerby [add]
02. Twice Forever [add]
03. Wonder Crown [add]
04. In Search of Loser Rain [add]
05. Bitter Honey [add]
06. I Know They Are Trying to Kill Me [add]
07. The Tracer [*] [add]
08. Weeds [add]
09. Letter to Juliet [add]
10. Girls & Boys [add]
11. Clean Machine [add]
12. Here Comes Everyone [add]

Target (1997) 01. The Gray Nineties [add]
02. Harmony [add]
03. Hydrocortizone [add]
04. Mystery Spot [add]
05. Girls Don't Make Passes (At Boys Who Wear Glasses) [add]
06. Can't Stop Ocd [add]
07. Let Down Your Hair [add]
08. Deaf, Dumb & Blind [add]
09. Male Order Bride [add]
10. Bozo [add]
11. Caffeine, Alcohol, Sleep [add]
12. Target [add]

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