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The Minus 5 lyrics
Genre: Rock
Old Liquidator (1995) 01. Winter Goes Away [add]
02. Worse [add]
03. All the Time [add]
04. Find a Finger [add]
05. Emperor of the Bathroom [add]
06. Vulture [add]
07. Algerian Hook [add]
08. Story [add]
09. How Many Bones [add]
10. Basing Street [add]
11. No More Glory [add]
12. When It Comes My Way [add]
13. House of Four Doors (Theme) [*] [add]
14. Brotherhood of Pain [*] [add]
15. Heartache for Sale [*] [add]
16. Drunkard's Lullaby [*] [add]
17. House of Four Doors [*] [add]

The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy (1997) 01. The Rest of the World [add]
02. Cross Every Line [add]
03. Empty Room [add]
04. Wasted Bandage [add]
05. Boeing Spacearium [add]
06. My Mummy's Dead [add]
07. Moonshine Girl [add]
08. Popsycle Shoppe [add]
09. Wouldn't Want to Care [add]
10. Spidery Moon [add]
11. Bullfight [add]
12. Hate Me More [add]

My Chartreuse Opinion (1997) 01. Losing Battle [add]
02. Happy for the Box [add]
03. The Big Dead End [add]
04. A Sobering Thought [add]
05. Real True Tragedy Incindent [add]
06. You'll Never See My Face Again [add]
07. I Might Have Listened [add]
08. Evolution [add]
09. Shut Them Out [add]
10. Big Deal [add]
11. The Real Prime Directive [add]
12. People Say [add]
13. Sittin' Round Doin' Nothin' [*] [add]
14. Roller Coaster Blues [*] [add]

Down with Wilco (2003) 01. The Days of Wine and Booze [add]
02. Retrieval of You [add]
03. That's Not the Way That It's Done [add]
04. The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply [add]
05. Daggers Drawn [add]
06. Where Will You Go? [add]
07. Life Left Him There [add]
08. The Family Gardener [add]
09. The Old Plantation [add]
10. What I Don't Believe [add]
11. View from Below [add]
12. I'm Not Bitter [add]
13. Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit) [add]

I Don't Know Who I Am (Let the War Against Music Begin, Vol. 2) (2003) 01. There Is No Music [add]
02. Myrna Loy [add]
03. When God Made Time [add]
04. Rooting for the Plague [add]
05. Tunnel of Lungs [add]
06. Lonely Galaxy [add]
07. I Don't Want to Fuck Off Anymore [add]
08. Queen's Head [add]
09. Saturn Is a Place on Earth [add]
10. Shut Up [add]
11. Submachine Girl [add]
12. Disaster Nurse Fang [Remix] [add]
13. The Reason I Quit (Dear Employer) [add]

In Rock (2004) 01. Bambi Molester [add]
02. Dear My Inspiration [add]
03. In a Lonely Coffin [add]
04. The Forgotten Fridays [add]
05. Courage Is the Smallest Bird [add]
06. The Girl I Never Met [add]
07. The Night Chicago Died Again [add]
08. Where the Wires Meet the Skies [add]
09. Lies of the Living Dead [add]
10. Dr. Evil: Doctor of Evil [add]
11. Cosmic Jive [add]
12. Over the Sea [add]

The Minus 5 (2006) 01. Rifle Called Goodbye [add]
02. Aw Shit Man [add]
03. Out There on the Maroon [add]
04. My Life as a Creep [add]
05. With a Gun [add]
06. Cemetery Row [add]
07. Twilight Distillery [add]
08. Cigarettes Coffee and Booze [add]
09. Leftover Life to Kill [add]
10. Hotel Senator [add]
11. Bought a Ropw [add]
12. All Worn Out [add]
13. Original Luke [add]

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