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Marcia Ball lyrics
Genre: Blues
Soulful Dress (1984) 01. Soulful Dress [add]
02. Make Your Move Too Soon [add]
03. I'd Rather Go Blind [add]
04. Jailbird [add]
05. Eugene [add]
06. My Mind's Made Up [add]
07. A Thousand Times [add]
08. That's Why I Love You [add]
09. Soul on Fire [add]
10. Don't Want No Man [add]

Hot Tamale Baby (1985) 01. Never Like This Before [add]
02. I'm Gonna Forget About You [add]
03. Love's Spell [add]
04. I Don't Know [add]
05. Hot Tamale Baby [add]
06. That's Enough of That Stuff [add]
07. Don't You Know I Love You [add]
08. Another Man's Woman lyrics
09. If I Ever Needed Love [add]
10. Uh Uh Baby [add]

Gatorhythms (1989) 01. How You Carry On [add]
02. La Ti Da [add]
03. The Power of Love [add]
04. Mobile [add]
05. Find Another Fool [add]
06. Mama's Cooking [add]
07. What's a Girl to Do? [add]
08. Daddy Said [add]
09. You'll Come Around [add]
10. Red Hot [add]

Dreams Come True (1990) 01. A Fool in Love [add]
02. Good Rockin' Daddy [add]
03. It Hurts to Be in Love [add]
04. Love, Sweet, Love [add]
05. Gonna Make It [add]
06. You Can If You Think You Can [add]
07. I Idolize You [add]
08. Dreams Come True [add]
09. Bad Thing [add]
10. Turn the Lock on Love [add]
11. Something's Got a Hold on Me [add]
12. Snake Dance [add]

Blue House (1994) 01. Red Beans [add]
02. The Facts of Life [add]
03. Down the Road [add]
04. Blue House [add]
05. Big Shot [add]
06. St. Gabriel [add]
07. That's What I Get [add]
08. Fingernails [add]
09. Why Do I? [add]
10. If This Is Love [add]
11. Sparlle Paradise [add]
12. One of a Kind [add]

Let Me Play with Your Poodle (1997) 01. Let Me Play with Your Poodle [add]
02. Why Women Cry [add]
03. Crawfishin' [add]
04. How Big a Fool [add]
05. The Right Tool for the Job [add]
06. I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin') [add]
07. I Still Love You [add]
08. Can't Trust My Heart [add]
09. The Story of My Life [add]
10. Something I Can't Do [add]
11. For the Love of a Man [add]
12. American Dream [add]
13. Louisiana 1927 [add]

Sing It! (1998) 01. Sing It [add]
02. I Want to (Do Everything for You) [add]
03. In Tears [add]
04. Love Maker [add]
05. Yield Not to Temptation [add]
06. Heart to Heart [add]
07. People Will Be People [add]
08. Please No More [add]
09. If I Know You [add]
10. Woman on the Move [add]
11. He's Mine [add]
12. Shouldn't I Love Him [add]
13. You Don't Know Nothin' About Love [add]

Presumed Innocent (2001) 01. Scene of the Crime [add]
02. You Make It Hard [add]
03. Count the Days [add]
04. Let the Tears Roll Down [add]
05. Louella [add]
06. Fly on the Wall [add]
07. I Have the Right to Know [add]
08. Thibodaux, Louisiana [add]
09. I'm Coming Down With the Blues [add]
10. Shake a Leg [add]
11. Somebody to Love [add]
12. She's So Innocent [add]
13. You Make Me Happy [add]

So Many Rivers (2003) 01. Foreclose on the House of Love [add]
02. Dance With Me [add]
03. Baby, Why Not [add]
04. Honeypie [add]
05. Give Me a Chance [add]
06. Didn't You Know [add]
07. Give It Up (Give In) [add]
08. So Many Rivers to Cross [add]
09. The Storm [add]
10. The Lowdown [add]
11. Hurricane on China Lake [add]
12. Three Hundred Pounds of Hongry [add]
13. If It's Really Got to Be This Way [add]
14. If Ain't One Thing [add]

Live! Down the Road (2005) 01. Big Shot [add]
02. The Right Tool for the Job [add]
03. Just Kiss Me [add]
04. That's Enough of That Stuff [add]
05. Louella [add]
06. Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday [add]
07. La Ti Da [add]
08. It Hurts to Be in Love [add]
09. Down the Road [add]
10. No Ordinary Woman [add]
11. Crawfishin' [add]
12. Louisiana 1927 [add]
13. Count the Days [add]
14. Let Me Play With Your Poodle [add]

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