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Tombstone Trailer Park lyrics
Genre: Rock
Lawnchair Watchtower (1998) 01. Windows in Stone [add]
02. Coyote at the Edge of Dark [add]
03. Neither Breeze nor Birds [add]
04. Do You Know? [add]
05. Goin' Home [add]
06. In Their Entirety [add]
07. Say It's the Wind [add]
08. Flesh in Winter [add]
09. Drivin' Aimlessly [add]
10. Open Grave Flutes [add]
11. Cornfield Kissin' [add]
12. Henry's Father [add]
13. Harvest of Suffering [add]
14. Grave Filler's Song [add]
15. Ripples in Eden Sand [add]
16. In Our Own Little World [add]
17. We Pray [add]

Talkin' Trash (1998) 01. Circle of My Talkin' Stick [add]
02. Drink Me Some Water [add]
03. Truth in the Tide [add]
04. Water in Your Eyes [add]
05. Decline and Farewell to Lee [add]
06. Bud and Lillian [add]
07. Is It Worth It All [add]
08. Blanket of Solace [add]
09. Rust Rattlin' Talkin Blues [add]
10. Sarah [add]
11. Brother McWilliams [add]
12. Lay Your Burdens Down [add]
13. Pea in the Pod Jig [add]

Come on Down (1999) 01. If All That You See [add]
02. The Loyal and the Late [add]
03. Mr. Finster Says [add]
04. City of William Tell [add]
05. Please Old Car [add]
06. Eyes of My Pen Scetch [add]
07. Where When the Moments [add]
08. How a Friendship Will Weather [add]
09. Rattled Song [add]
10. Bullet Belt Strings [add]
11. The Murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry [add]
12. Conversations With James [add]
13. The Resounding Sound [add]
14. Tragic Choking Weeds [add]
15. I's Gettin' a Kiss from the Fishin Hole [add]
16. I'll Wonder Why [add]
17. Approachable [add]
18. Faith Mountain Seeds [add]

Earth Against Your Skin (2000) 01. For a Long Spell [add]
02. April, Where'd Ya Get Your Sweetness? [add]
03. Up on My Fence Post [add]
04. Windows on the Cumberland [add]
05. The Life Around [add]
06. Have You a Story? [add]
07. From This Wooden Floor [add]
08. Will You Dance With Me? [add]
09. Wreckin' Daisy [add]
10. Perched on Scarecrow Blues [add]
11. How Can You Sleep Tonight? [add]
12. Treat Me a Little Better [add]
13. Rust in Your Machine [add]
14. Hiding Place [add]
15. Redemption and Our Mischief [add]
16. Pages of My Photo Book [add]
17. Hey, Hey Little Peggy [add]
18. Something Shall Be over Soo [add]

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