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Cherryholmes lyrics
Genre: Country
Still a Little Rough Around the Edges (2001) 01. Fire on the Mountain [add]
02. My Cabin in Caroline [add]
03. Just as Long as You Love Me [add]
04. Kentucky Mandolin [add]
05. Voice from on High [add]
06. I Was Left on the Street [add]
07. Clinch Mountain Back Step [add]
08. Just Wondering Why [add]
09. Tennessee 1949 [add]
10. Take Your Shoes Off Moses [add]
11. When Someone Wants to Leave [add]
12. A Good Woman's Love [add]
13. Roanoke [add]

Dressed for Success (2002) 01. Bluegrass Breakdown [add]
02. My Little Georgia Rose [add]
03. The Mansion [add]
04. Zoot Suit [add]
05. Honey, You Don't Know My Mind [add]
06. Meet Me on the Mountain [add]
07. Family Reunion [add]
08. Ole Dangerfield [add]
09. Smokey Mountain Smoke [add]
10. Last Old Shovel [add]
11. Frankie Belle/Bonapart's Retreat [add]
12. I'm the Boss (Of This Here House) [add]
13. The Fishhook Breakdown [add]
14. If That's the Way You Feel [add]

Bluegrass Vagabonds (2003) 01. Please Don't Say It [add]
02. You're the Girl of My Dreams [add]
03. I Can See [add]
04. Indian Treasure [add]
05. Where Will You Build [add]
06. I Won't Go Away [add]
07. Will He Wait a Little Longer [add]
08. Once Upon a Time [add]
09. Five 'N Chimes [add]
10. Some Morning Soon [add]
11. Meadows of Dan [add]

Cherryholmes (2005) 01. How Long? [add]
02. Workin' Man (Nowhere to Go) [add]
03. Will I Be the Winner? [add]
04. Tallahassee [add]
05. Heart as Cold as Stone [add]
06. Red Satin Dress [add]
07. Makin' Time [add]
08. Brand New Heartache [add]
09. Shelly in the Heather/Linda's Reel (Medley) [add]
10. He Goes to Church [add]
11. Workin' Girl Blues [add]
12. Don't Fall in Love [add]
13. Coastline [add]
14. No One to Sing for Me [add]

Cherryholmes II: Black and White (2007) 01. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
02. Heat of the Morning [add]
03. I Don't Know [add]
04. Black and White [add]
05. The Nine Yards [add]
06. Turned Me Down [add]
07. Darkness on the Delta [add]
08. Don't Give Your Heart to a Knoxville Girl [add]
09. My True Love [add]
10. Bootstrap Bill [add]
11. Tell Me Why [add]
12. Mansions of Kings [add]
13. I'll Never Shed Another Tear [add]
14. Greedy Hands [add]

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