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Anton Barbeau lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Horse's Tongue (1993) 01. Magazine Street [add]
02. Life Is Sweet [add]
03. Losing You Makes Crucifixion Easy [add]
04. All I Need Is Everything [add]
05. Heather Song [add]
06. Ella [add]
07. Natural [add]
08. People Like.... [add]
09. Porcupine Song [add]
10. Emmanuel Blanket [add]
11. Another Anton Song [add]
12. Pudenda Song [add]
13. Andrew Burke Can't Sing [add]
14. Christina Box [add]

Waterbugs and Beetles (1995) 01. Allyson 23 [add]
02. MTV Song [add]
03. A Proper Cup of Tea [add]
04. Waterbugs and Beetles [add]
05. Beautiful Bacon Dream [add]
06. The Epic Ballad of Sarah and Zo? [add]
07. Groovy [add]
08. Complicated Umbrella Piece [add]
09. Untitled (But Sad) [add]
10. Tad Song [add]
11. Jelly [add]
12. Bible Beater [add]
13. Slimy Cello Piece [add]
14. Bed of Pain [add]
15. Long John [add]
16. Vomit Song [add]
17. I Want You Not Around [add]
18. Come to Me (Made of Metal) [add]
19. Come Again [add]

Splendid Tray (1999) 01. Black and White Elvis [add]
02. Creepy Tray [add]
03. The Banana Song [add]
04. Third Eye [add]
05. Cockroach Song [add]
06. Please Sir I've Got a Wooden Leg [add]
07. Gone [add]
08. Dazzle Girl [add]
09. Once in Royal David City [add]
10. Suicide Toad [add]
11. Sweetness Dream of Me [add]
12. Yum Yum Bubblegum [add]

17th Century Fuzzbox Blues (2000) 01. Little Daisy [add]
02. Dig My Pig [add]
03. Six Hours Later [add]
04. Another Stoned Piano [add]
05. My Babe, When She Wears a White Wig [add]
06. Theme from Volkswage [add]
07. Hope Joy Fear (And Too Much Beer in the Dressing Room) [add]
08. Glucose for Baby [add]
09. Who Was the Green Bird? [add]
10. Theme from Drag Team Three [add]
11. Pin for a Head [add]
12. Jane Too Soon [add]
13. Lara Brushing Her Hair in L.A. [add]
14. Casio [add]

King of Missouri (2003) 01. King of Missouri [add]
02. Sweet Creature, What's Your Name? [add]
03. Octagon [add]
04. The Clothes I Want to Wear [add]
05. I Remember Everything [add]
06. It's Okay, Maybe [add]
07. I'm Always Offending My Sensitive Friends [add]
08. Cheque's in the Mail [add]
09. I Don't Like You [add]
10. Sylvia Something [add]
11. Retabulation [add]
12. Motor [#/*] [add]

Guladong (2004) 01. Telephones and Singalongs [add]
02. You Look Good in Yellow [add]
03. Grapes on a Plate [add]
04. It Won't Be Long Till the Banjo Patrol Comes Along [add]
05. Stewart Mason [add]
06. Ruth from Leeds [add]
07. I'm Just a Country Girl [add]
08. Keep My Face Clean [add]
09. The Prince of Chairs Has the Happiest Dream in the Universe [add]
10. Mahjong Dijon [add]
11. Chinese Boots of Spanish Leather [add]
12. Guladong [add]
13. King of Missouri, Pt. 2 [add]
14. K's Wet Whistle [add]

Drug Free (2006) 01. Drug Free [add]
02. Leave It with Me, I'm Always Gentle [add]
03. Lop It Off [add]
04. Just Passing By [add]
05. Alphalpha Bhang [add]
06. Disco Dress [add]
07. Boncentration Bamps [add]
08. Magic Metal Apron [add]
09. She Wears a Green Leaf [add]
10. Oh the Malaise [add]
11. Circus for the Stars [add]
12. In a Boat on the Seas [add]
13. Alphalpha Drone [add]

In the Village of the Apple Sun (2007) 01. This Is Why They Call Me Guru 7 [add]
02. Mushroom Box, 1975 [add]
03. Coffee Pot [add]
04. The Eye on My Hand [add]
05. On a Bicycle Built for Bicycle 9 [add]
06. Murray Boots Are Conquering the World [add]
07. Bane Edit (Sing Gypsy Sing!) [add]
08. Bane Projector [add]
09. The Bane of Your Existence Is My Name [add]
10. Seeds of Space [add]
11. 46 Strings [add]
12. Creep in the Garden [add]
13. Eric Has Gone Wrong [add]
14. When I Was 46 in the Year 13 [add]
15. In the Meadow of the Mellotron [add]
16. Spoken "Village" Intro (With Birds!) [add]
17. In the Village of the Apple Sun [add]
18. My Hair Is Oily [add]
19. Outro [add]

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