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Karl Hendricks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Some Girls Like Cigarettes (1993) 01. Some Girls Like Cigarettes [add]
02. Pittsburgh's Hottest Babes [add]
03. It Could Be a Miracle [add]
04. It Could Be a Miracle Pt. 2 [add]
05. Baseball Cards [add]
06. Smartypants [add]
07. If This Song Was a Cigarette [add]
08. Ducky [add]
09. The Last Thing You'll Ever Do for Me [add]
10. How's the Cat? [add]

A Gesture of Kindness (1995) 01. Foolish Words of a Woman in Love [add]
02. The Offical Shape of Beauty [add]
03. The Scoffer's Reply [add]
04. What You're Queen of Now [add]
05. Four Babes in a Pontiac [add]
06. The Dress You Brought in Cleveland [add]
07. King Beds, Morning Coffee [add]
08. Desperate Drunken Artist [add]
09. Breathtaking First Novel [add]
10. A Gesture of Kindness [add]
11. Your Damned Impertinence [add]
12. Coming in September [*] [add]
13. They May Be Paper [*] [add]

Sings About Misery and Woman (1996) 01. Get out Your Hankies for This One [add]
02. Do You Like to Watch Me Sob [add]
03. Romantic Stories from the War [add]
04. Distant Relations [add]
05. Flowers Avenue [add]
06. I Don't Need You S**t [add]
07. Women and Strangers [add]
08. You're a Bigger Jerk Then Me [add]
09. I Didn't Believe in Gravity [add]
10. You Can't Argue with Cash [add]
11. You're the Man [add]
12. You Poor Miserable Fool [add]

For a While, It Was Funny (1996) 01. Naked and High on Drugs [add]
02. A Boy Who Plays With Dolls [add]
03. Somewhere a Weekend of Sin [add]
04. Coming in September [add]
05. Nogales by Tuesday [add]
06. The Hearts of Spaniards Everywhere [add]
07. Spock Is Depressed [add]
08. Pale Lips [add]
09. Apologies for Crying [add]
10. How Can You Dance? [add]

Declare Your Weapons (1998) 01. Like John Travolta [add]
02. A Letter to the Coach [add]
03. Surrender on Demand [add]
04. Your Lesbian Friends [add]
05. Know More About Jazz [add]
06. The Policeman's Not Your Friend [add]
07. When Will the Goddamn Poor Wise Up? [add]
08. The Colonel Feels All Right [add]
09. The Smile That Made You Give Up [add]
10. The Worst Coffee I've Ever Had [add]

Jerks Win Again (2003) 01. Chuck Dukowski Was Confused [add]
02. New Wave Situation [add]
03. The Night Has No Eyes [add]
04. The Overweight Lovers [add]
05. I Think I Forgot Something... My Pants [add]
06. Thank God We Have Limes [add]
07. The Ballad of Bill Lee [add]
08. The Summer of Warm Beer [add]

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