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The Shat lyrics
Genre: Rock
Are You Choking (1995) 01. A Filipino Lives the American Dream [add]
02. Quite the Whore [add]
03. Jesus, No One Likes a Cheater [add]
04. Showjumper [add]
05. Assimilate the Multi-Flex Rhythms [add]
06. Rake [add]
07. America's No. 1 Cracker [add]
08. Hard C [add]
09. She's Nice to Rocks [add]
10. Halibut [add]
11. Milk Day [add]

Cuntree (2006) 01. Rock N' Roll Beginning [add]
02. Vagetarian [add]
03. Rob from the Rich and Give to the Whores [add]
04. Double, Double Chin [add]
05. Show Your Tits [add]
06. Shit on Her Tits [add]
07. Flat as a Board [add]
08. Thank God for Pussy [add]
09. Any Cunt You Can Fuck I Can Fuck Better [add]
10. Dollar Store [add]
11. I Fucked Your Wife [add]
12. Joanne, Joanne [add]
13. Mama's Little Baby Loves Suckin' Dicks [add]
14. H2Ho [add]
15. I Got a Rubber [add]
16. Good Morning, Cunt [add]
17. Chock Full of Cunts [add]
18. I Am P.C. (Pro Cunt) [add]
19. Cuntibiotics [add]
20. Jugglin' the Bitches [add]
21. One Cunt Is Better Than None [add]
22. Amazong Don Juan [add]
23. Fist [add]
24. Eating a Girl out Is the Most Brilliant Thing [add]
25. Suck Me Off [add]
26. What the Fuck Do You Think Christina Aguilera Is Doing Right Now? [add]
27. Gobble, Gobble Goo [add]
28. Cummin'-N-Goin' [add]
29. Ya Gotta Treat Queens Like Whores [add]
30. Stroke of Genius [add]
31. Computer Girl [add]
32. Hit Dat Shit [add]
33. It [add]
34. Skull Fuck [add]
35. Sleep Bandit [add]
36. My Menstrual Art Gallery [add]
37. Butt Ugly [add]
38. No Upper Lip [add]
39. Dunk Her Donut [add]
40. In Her Asshole [add]
41. Cum Back [add]
42. She Left Without Sayin' Goodbye [add]
43. You're a Cunt [add]
44. She's Allergic to Cock [add]
45. Vibrator [add]
46. Hermaphrodite [add]
47. I Pissed in Your Beer [add]
48. Caught Pissing in Public [add]
49. In-n-out [add]
50. Dear, Deer [add]

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