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David Newman [Film Composer] lyrics
Genre: Soundtrack
Heathers [Original Soundtrack] (1989) 01. Strip Croquet [add]
02. Suicide Note [add]
03. J.D. Blows Up [add]
04. The Forest [add]
05. You're Beautiful [add]
06. Martha Dumptruck [add]
07. Third Funeral [add]
08. Veronica and J.D. [add]
09. First Funeral [add]
10. The Dorm [add]
11. Back to School [add]
12. Forest Chase [add]
13. Heather's Locker [add]
14. Veronica's Shower [add]
15. Into the Cafeteria [add]
16. Veronica's Dream [add]
17. J.D.'s Final Stand [add]
18. Dorm Party [add]
19. Croquet [add]
20. Second Funeral [add]
21. Poor Little Heather [add]
22. J.D.'s Bomb [add]
23. Petition Montage [add]

Mister Destiny (1990) 01. Mr. Destiny [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Larry's Life Is Changed [add]
04. Cindy Joe's Present [add]
05. Larry Sees His Office [add]
06. Larry Sees the House [add]
07. Leo Sneaks Around [add]
08. Larry Meets Jerry [add]
09. Larry Looks for Ellen [add]
10. Larry Punches Out Niles [add]
11. Going Back Home [add]
12. Larry Is Home [add]

Marrying Man (1991) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) [add]
03. L.D.'s Bounce [add]
04. Murder, He Says [add]
05. Honeysuckle Rose [add]
06. You're Driving Me Crazy (What Do I Do?) [add]
07. Backstage Beat-Up [add]
08. Why Can't You Bahave [add]
09. Satisfy My Soul [add]
10. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) (Reprise) [add]
11. Run, Charley, Run [add]
12. Mama Look a Boo Boo [add]
13. Love Is the Thing [add]

Hoffa (1992) 01. Hoffa End Credits [add]
02. Rta Riot and Wake [add]
03. Truck Talk [add]
04. Trucker Salute [add]
05. Ride to the Rta [add]
06. This Man's Going to Be President [add]
07. Hoffa Trailer [add]
08. First Transition [add]
09. Billy Flynn [add]
10. Jimmy Goes to Jail [add]
11. Meeting the Mafia [add]
12. Loading Dock Riot [add]
13. Going to Jail [add]
14. Bobby's Cell [add]
15. Ants at a Picnic [add]
16. Mob Negotiations [add]
17. Jimmy's Last Ride [add]

I Love Trouble [Original Soundtrack] (1994) 01. Here's Peter [add]
02. Here's Sabrina [add]
03. Calling All Boggs [add]
04. Honeymoon Night [add]
05. Two Scoop Snoops [add]
06. Everybody Buys the Globe [add]
07. Scoop de Jour [add]
08. Sabrina's Hip [add]
09. Wild Goose Chase [add]
10. The Beekman Agreement [add]
11. Keyhole Foreplay [add]
12. Happily Ever After [add]
13. "I Love Trouble" [add]
14. You've Really Got a Hold on Me [add]

Phantom [Original Soundtrack] (1996) 01. For Those Who Came in Late [add]
02. The Tomb [add]
03. The Phantom [add]
04. Anything's Possible [add]
05. The Rescue [add]
06. The Escape [add]
07. Must Be the Humidity [add]
08. Diana Must Leave/New York [add]
09. Ray Gets the Point [add]
10. The Museum [add]
11. Flying to the Island [add]
12. Quill Is Destroyed [add]
13. Escaping the Island [add]

Bowfinger (1999) 01. There Is Always One More Time [add]
02. You're a Wonderful One [add]
03. And I Love You So [add]
04. Mambo U.K. [add]
05. Super Bad, Super Slick [add]
06. Secret Agent Man [add]
07. Betsy Chases Kit/The First Shot/A Short Ride/Dave Makes a Call/Dave Ret [add]
08. Cafe Set-Up/Shooting the Cafe/Stealing Renfro's Car/Auditioning the But [add]
09. "Chubby Rain" [add]
10. Clothing Store/Daisy Rescues Kit [add]
11. The Observatory [add]
12. Finale/Fed Ex Delivers [add]

The Affair of the Necklace (2002) 01. Opening [add]
02. Jeanne's Theme [add]
03. Bohmer [add]
04. Jeanne Is Found Guilty [add]
05. Jeanne and Retaux [add]
06. Jeanne's Plan [add]
07. Rohan's Arrest [add]
08. In Court/Childhood [add]
09. Minister of Titles/On the Lake [add]
10. Jeanne and Retaux Love Scene [add]
11. Feast of the Assumption [add]
12. Going to Meet Antoinette [add]
13. Communion [add]
14. Rohan Meets With Fake Antoinette [add]
15. Courtroom/Cagliostro Leaves Town [add]
16. Going Home [add]
17. Jeanne's Sentence/Antoinette [add]
18. Antoinette Is Finished [add]
19. Arrival of the Necklace [Handel Coronation Anthem No. 4 Let's Thy Han] [add]
20. Jeanne and Retaux's Plan [add]
21. Jeanne Reads Her Memoirs [add]

Cat in the Hat [Original Score] (2003) 01. Main Title -- The Kids [add]
02. Getting Better [add]
03. The Cat [add]
04. Two Things/Couch Jumping/Leaky Crate [add]
05. Military Academy Seduction [add]
06. Mrs. Kwan -- Mom Leaves [add]
07. Surfer Cat -- The Phunometer [add]
08. Fun, Fun, Fun [add]
09. The Contract [add]
10. Oven Explodes -- Clean Up This Mess [add]
11. Things Wreck the House [add]
12. Larry the Slob [add]
13. Birthday Party [add]
14. S.L.O.W. Drive [add]
15. Rescuing Nevens [add]
16. Clean Up [add]

The Brave Little Toaster [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (2005) 01. Main Title [add]
02. They All Wake Up [add]
03. Blanket's Dream [add]
04. The Air Conditioner Blows [add]
05. They Decide to Go [add]
06. They Look for Transportation [add]
07. Out into the World [add]
08. City of Lights [add]
09. Blanket Looks for a Place to Sleep [add]
10. The Pond/Busby Berkley/The Meadow [add]
11. Toaster's Dream [add]
12. The Storm [add]
13. Blanket Is Blown Away [add]
14. The Waterfall [add]
15. Vacuum Rescues the Group [add]
16. They Sink in the Mud [add]
17. In the Shop [add]
18. Blender's Motor Is Sold [add]
19. It's a 'B' Movie [add]
20. Radio Is Stalked [add]
21. Happy Travel [add]
22. Into the City [add]
23. Cutting Edge [add]
24. Junkyard Montage [add]
25. Worthless [add]
26. Finale [add]
27. End Title [add]

Serenity [Original Score] (2005) 01. Into the River [add]
02. Escape [add]
03. Serenity [add]
04. Going for a Ride [add]
05. Trading Station Robbery [add]
06. River Goes Wild [add]
07. River and Simon in Locker [add]
08. Population Dead [add]
09. Haven Destroyed [add]
10. Shepherd Book's Last Words [add]
11. You're Not a Reaver [add]
12. Mal Decides [add]
13. Truth/Mal's Speech [add]
14. Space Battle [add]
15. Crash Landing [add]
16. Run to Black [add]
17. Generator Room [add]
18. Mal & Op Fight [add]
19. Jayne & Zoe/Final Battle [add]
20. Funeral/Rebuilding Serenity [add]
21. Prep for Flight [add]
22. Love [add]
23. End Credits [add]

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