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Lazy Cowgirls lyrics
Genre: Rock
Tapping the Source (1987) 01. Can't You Do Anything Right? [add]
02. Bullshit Summer Song [add]
03. No Name Left [add]
04. Heartache [add]
05. Reacurrin' Thang [add]
06. Goddamn Bottle [add]
07. Yakety Yak [add]
08. Justine [add]
09. Allen Says [add]
10. Mr. Screwdriver [add]

Radio Cowgirl [live] (1989) 01. Lose'n Your Mind [add]
02. Meat Shop [add]
03. Carbona Not Glue [add]
04. Know Your Product [add]
05. Slow Down [add]
06. Mr. Screwdriver [add]
07. Goddamn Bottle [add]
08. Bullshit Summer Song [add]
09. Green Acres [add]
10. Heartache [add]
11. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]
12. The Long Goodbye [add]
13. Who Are the Mystery Girls? [add]
14. Crazy Arms [add]
15. Intellectual Baby [add]
16. The Wayward Wind [add]
17. This Is Where I Belong [add]
18. Drugs II [add]
19. Repeat After Me [add]

Ragged Soul (1995) 01. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
02. Much Too Slow [add]
03. Frustration, Tragedy and Lies [add]
04. Who You Callin' a Slut [add]
05. Everything You Heard About Me Is True [add]
06. Never Got the Chance [add]
07. Too Much - One More Time [add]
08. Time and Money [add]
09. Another Long Goodbye [add]
10. Now That You're Down One Me [add]
11. I Can Almost Remember [add]
12. Still on the Losin' Side (A.K.A. Snake Eyes) [add]
13. Take It as It Comes [add]
14. Bought Your Lies [add]

A Little Sex & Death (1997) 01. Here Comes Trouble [add]
02. The End of the Line [add]
03. A Little Sex and Death [add]
04. Montana [add]
05. I'll Tell You Why [add]
06. World Up for Grabs (Another Emergency) [add]
07. Bad News [add]
08. Can You Tell Me [add]
09. Sweet Thing [add]
10. Hittin' Bottom [add]
11. Name Droppin' Son of a Bitch [add]
12. The Big Restless [add]
13. Your Charmed Life's Fadin' East [add]

Rank Outsider (1999) 01. Don't Turn Your Back on Me [add]
02. Not a Goddamn Thing [add]
03. Since You Got Here [add]
04. When You Fall [add]
05. Sylvia [add]
06. Bad Time [add]
07. Goodnight and Goodbye [add]
08. Rank Outsider [add]
09. That Kinda Trouble I Can Use [add]
10. Your Time Is Over [add]
11. Grit and Glamour [add]
12. Here and Gone [add]

Somewhere Down the Line (2000) 01. Another Lost Cause [add]
02. Somewhere Down the Line [add]
03. Bittersweet Shit [add]
04. Stripper Blues [add]
05. Leap of Faith [add]
06. But It's Alright Now [add]
07. Lookin' Back [add]
08. Rawhide and Steel [add]
09. What I Want [add]
10. You Have Got Religion Now [add]
11. Cold, Cold World [add]
12. Back Down in the Basement [add]

Here and Now: (Live!) (2001) 01. The Magnificent Seven [add]
02. Roust 66 [add]
03. Don't Count Me Out [add]
04. Goodbye to Yesturday [add]
05. Your Charmed Life's Fadin' Fast [add]
06. Live in the Past [add]
07. Somewhere Down the Line [add]
08. When It Comes to You I've Got No Dreams to Lose [add]
09. Second Cousin [add]
10. Route 90 [add]
11. You [add]
12. Rock of Gibraltar [add]
13. Bought Your Lies [add]

I'm Goin' Out and Get Hurt Tonight (2004) 01. Burnin' Daylight [add]
02. Are You Ready [add]
03. Give It Away [add]
04. Swept Across the Borderline [add]
05. Suicide Note [add]
06. Boerne Girl [add]
07. Goddamn Bottle [add]
08. Baby, You Gotta Be Shittin' Me [add]
09. You Might Be Lost Now [add]
10. Everytime I Come Around Here [add]
11. I'm Goin' Out and Get Hurt Tonight [add]
12. You're the Thing [add]
13. The Risin' Sun Over Naga-Gun [add]

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