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Genre: Folk
Ordinary Times (2002) 01. Back to Iraq [add]
02. Stem Cell Clone [add]
03. Osama's Pajamas [add]
04. Fifteen Minutes of Fame [add]
05. It Can't Happen Here [add]
06. What Is It About These Bushes? [add]
07. Dot Com Blues [add]
08. That's an Suv! [add]
09. Who Got Rich, When I Got Robbed? [add]
10. Ordinary Times [add]

What's Next? (2004) 01. What's Next? [add]
02. God's Temptation [add]
03. Poor Ol' Rush [add]
04. Sue You Later [add]
05. Stranger at Your Door [add]
06. Perfect Martha [add]
07. Fast, Fast, Fast, Fast, Food [add]
08. Anywhere, Everywhere, Anymore [add]
09. A Scary Movie [add]
10. The Main Attraction [add]
11. Shop the Big*mart [add]
12. God Doesn't Have Much of a Sense of Humor? [add]
13. Who Needs Enemies With Friends Like These? [add]
14. I Read It in the Paper, So It Must Be True! [add]
15. Kafka Was Korrect [add]
16. We're at War [add]
17. Doctor Spin [add]
18. I Declare Peace [add]
19. Carpet of Eternity [add]

Confessions of an Amateur Comedian (2006) 01. Circa Nineteen Seventy One [add]
02. And So We Come Now to That Place [add]
03. A Postcard from Memphis [add]
04. Only the Songs [add]
05. Tar Paper Roof [add]
06. To Drop out of This World [add]
07. Rhythm of the Rails [add]
08. Wriggling Toes [add]
09. On Page One [add]
10. Requiem for a Beat Up Generation [add]

Baghdad City Limits (2006) 01. The Accidental President [add]
02. We'll Throw Away the Key! [add]
03. Eavesdropper in Chief [add]
04. Baghdad City Limits [add]
05. Stay the Course [add]
06. An American Fraud [add]
07. No Way Out (Vietnam Redux) [add]
08. Gone Bad in Baghdad (Don't Blame Me) [add]
09. The Sound of Money [add]
10. Boy Cried Wolf [add]
11. If Morons Ruled the World . . . [add]
12. That's What I Like About the Usa! [add]

Mixed Up World (2007) 01. Back to You [add]
02. What Am I Here For? [add]
03. Right Street Today [add]
04. So Long Denied [add]
05. Milklight Afternoons [add]
06. Mixed Up World [add]
07. Life Goes On [add]
08. Imagination [add]
09. Won't You Cry Awhile? [add]
10. I Am Not the Man for You [add]
11. I Never Grew Up [add]
12. Springtime [add]

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