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The Mystic Cowboys lyrics
Genre: Country
Rooster Chronicles (2007) 01. It's Hard to Be an Executive [add]
02. So Tell Me Father [add]
03. She's Purple [add]
04. Ben Had a Bad Morning [add]
05. Morning in a Minor Key [add]
06. Joey's Drunk But . . . [add]
07. She Did Cartwheels [add]
08. Big Rooster [add]
09. New Compromise [add]
10. Wedding by the Water [add]
11. A Little Beer and . . . [add]
12. Rain Was Comin' [add]
13. To Get Me Through [add]
14. We Can Heal Ourselves [add]

Bad Group of 3 (2007) 01. One Hit Song [add]
02. Half as Good [add]
03. Bad Group of 3 [add]
04. Cowboy Easter Lilly/Willie [add]
05. Tears in the Dark [add]
06. Outerspace [add]
07. I Need the Rain [add]
08. Love Ain't Ez [add]
09. Eyes of a Friend [add]
10. Scarecrow [add]
11. I Miss Your Touch [add]
12. Eyes of Disappointment [add]

Bar Room Prayers (2007) 01. Grow My Hair [add]
02. Butterflies [add]
03. Man in Black Passed [add]
04. Nobody Minds If I Don't Drink [add]
05. Long Lazy [add]
06. I'm in Love with My Wife [add]
07. Coyote Crazy [add]
08. Fairy Tales [add]
09. Sioux City Sue Revisited [add]
10. Sober [add]
11. Tombstones and Statues [add]

Birdcages and Bad Rivers (2007) 01. Dryland Sailor [add]
02. Still Too Hot [add]
03. Guitar from Mexico [add]
04. Devil's Tower Waltz [add]
05. Clowns in the Rain [add]
06. Crossing the Prairie [add]
07. Backdoor Man [add]
08. Another Thing That Bothers Me [add]
09. Give Me Back My Colors [add]
10. If Crazy Horse Died [add]
11. No Sunlight [add]
12. Throw a Lasso [add]
13. Cosmic Interference [add]
14. Frequent Flyer Miles [add]
15. Footprints in the Snow [add]
16. It's Gone Tonight [add]
17. Another Shade of Blue [add]
18. Be Somebody [add]
19. Padre [add]
20. I Was a Scarecrow [add]

Demos Retrieved from Nashville Dumpsters (2007) 01. Sleeping out Among the Stars [add]
02. On a Midnight Run [add]
03. Look at You Now [add]
04. Modern Day Daddy [add]
05. Moon Runs Around [add]
06. Music in the Wind [add]
07. Cotton or Silk [add]
08. Unhappy Hunting Ground [add]
09. Hidin' from a Rainy Day [add]
10. Only Gold He'll Ever Hold [add]
11. Tomcat in a Dumpster [add]
12. On the Edge [add]
13. Old Soldier Boy [add]
14. Mover and a Shaker [add]
15. Nashville Beer Commercial [add]

Fallen Apostles (2007) 01. Mother's Rosary [add]
02. Ain't Scared of Flying [add]
03. Dog Eat Dog [add]
04. Fallen Apostles [add]
05. Tired of Blue and Gray [add]
06. Comin' Anyway [add]
07. Little Bit of Luck [add]
08. Moonlit Prism [add]
09. Woman's Intuition [add]
10. Born Yesterday [add]
11. Dark Side of the Hill [add]

Flyin' with a Broken Wing (2007) 01. Serendipity [add]
02. Sound of This Town [add]
03. Little Brother [add]
04. Girl Down in Dixie [add]
05. Callin' My Maker [add]
06. The Way You Look at Me [add]
07. Las Vegas [add]
08. The Distance [add]
09. Somewhere in Another World [add]
10. She Ain't My Friend [add]

I Wanna Be a Flower (2007) 01. I Wanna Be a Flower [add]
02. Harmonica and a Hard Hat [add]
03. Thursday at Friday Harbor [add]
04. Buffalo Blanket Girl [add]
05. Six Weeks [add]
06. Big Ball Spins [add]
07. Hoot Owl [add]
08. Fifty Questions [add]
09. I'm the Buffalo [add]
10. Nothing's the Same [add]
11. Return [add]
12. Don't Waste Your Time [add]

Johnsonville (2007) 01. Too Damn Slow [add]
02. Chances Are You're a Cowboy [add]
03. The Eagle Song [add]
04. Starlight Shines in Your Eyes [add]
05. 13 Thousand Beers [add]
06. View from the Stage [add]
07. Good Luck Is Ridin' on the Wind [add]
08. The Funny Farm [add]
09. Not Good with Secrets [add]
10. The Outlaw Creed [add]
11. It's a Brand New Buffalo [add]
12. Second Hand Smoke [add]

Left Handed Angels (2007) 01. With One More Day [add]
02. Running [add]
03. Laying Down with You [add]
04. Ballad of the Mystic Cowboys [add]
05. The Last Honky Tonk [add]
06. Almost a Tornado [add]
07. Take Me Down to Nashville [add]
08. Church with Johnny Cash [add]
09. Cabin by Nemo [add]
10. Uncle Sammy [add]
11. Ernie [add]
12. Be Yourself [add]
13. Never Have to Cry Again [add]
14. Good Radio [add]
15. Right Way to Die [add]
16. Angel Reprimand [add]

Love Is Stronger Than Pain (2007) 01. Love vs. Pain [add]
02. Irish Whiskey [add]
03. Raining in Nashville [add]
04. Baby Blue Skies [add]
05. Heaven's Rain [add]
06. The Wind Waits [add]
07. Where I Come From [add]
08. Left Handed Angel [add]
09. Cornfield Prayers [add]
10. Somewhere Somehow [add]

Paint Your Eyeballs Red (2007) 01. Paint Your Eyeballs Red [add]
02. Reservation Winds [add]
03. Horseshit Advice [add]
04. Woman on a White Horse [add]
05. Heartland Bar Band [add]
06. Banjo Boy [add]
07. Late Night Lies [add]
08. Genetics [add]
09. Duke Don't Belong [add]
10. Shave My Back [add]
11. Crazy Outta You [add]

Phuckit (2007) 01. Angel Standing in the Rain [add]
02. Nights Turn Cold [add]
03. She's Chasing Yesterday [add]
04. We're Gonna Get Through This [add]
05. Put the Money in the Guitar Case [add]
06. Down at the River [add]
07. It Takes a Lot [add]
08. Staying at This Hotel [add]
09. Send More Angels Down [add]
10. Good Boots [add]
11. Tonight [add]
12. Still Too Hot [add]

Songs for Better Singers (2007) 01. Bourbon Street [add]
02. It's Gonna Hurt [add]
03. Helluva Chance [add]
04. I Know You'll Cry [add]
05. They Don't Want Me [add]
06. Rainmaker [add]
07. Born to Sin [add]
08. It Won't Hurt Me [add]
09. On Metal Horses [add]
10. Any House [add]
11. Happy Toad [add]
12. Little Bit of Mama [add]
13. Not a Stranger [add]

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