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Genre: Electronica
40 Classic Dance Anthems, Vol. 2 (1999) 01. The Awakening [Quake Radio Edit] [add]
02. Toca Me [add]
03. Heaven Will Come [add]
04. Pitchin' [add]
05. I Feel Love [R.A.F. Zone Mix] [add]
06. Sway [Jonhan S Toxic Club Mix] [add]
07. Better off Alone [Vocal Club Mix] [add]
08. Communication [I-Mas Mix] [add]
09. Gamemaster [Signum Mix] [add]
10. Madagascar [Ferry Corsten Mix] [add]
11. Not Over Yet '99 [Matt Darey Mix] [add]
12. Gouryella [add]
13. Destination Sunshine [7 Radio Departure Mix] [add]
14. Sanctuary [Edit] [add]
15. Universal Nation '99 [Ferry Corsten Mix] [add]
16. Happiness Happening [add]
17. Don't Be Afraid 99 [Nylon Radio Edit] [add]
18. Bailamos [Matt Darey Mix] [add]
19. Apache [add]
20. Avenue [add]
21. Sun Is Shining [Radio de Luxe Edit] [add]
22. Get Get Down [add]
23. Sing It Back [Boris Dlugosch Musical Mix] [add]
24. B With U [add]
25. In and Out of My Life [ATFC Radio Edit] [add]
26. Rendez-Vu [add]
27. On the Run [Original Radio Edit] [add]
28. Tha Music [Richard F "Defected" Re-Edit] [add]
29. Feel Good [Mutant Disco Edit] [add]
30. Get Up (Everybody) [add]
31. Never Gonna Let You Go [Vocal Mix] [add]
32. I Feel Good Things for You [add]
33. Let Me Show You [Radio Edit] [add]
34. Music Is the Answer (Dancin' and Prancin') [add]
35. Under the Water [Club Radio Edit] [add]
36. French Kiss [Original Edit] [add]
37. Hold That Sucker Down [add]
38. That Zipper Track [Original Edit] [add]
39. Seven Days and One Week [Club Mix] [add]
40. Take Control [DJ Seduction Remix Edit] [add]

Trancendental Euphoria (2000) 01. Don't Leave [Euphoric Mix] [add]
02. Synaesthesia (Fly Away) [Paul Van Dyk Dub Mix] [add]
03. Silence [DJ Ti?sto in Search of Sunrise Remix] [add]
04. Kernkraft 400 [DJ Gius Remix] [add]
05. The Return of Nothing [Evolution Mix] [add]
06. Big Brother UK TV Theme [add]
07. Eugina [Michael Woods Mix] [add]
08. I Need Your Lovin' (Like the Sunshine) [John Johnson Remix] [add]
09. Feel the Beat [Original Mix] [add]
10. Join Me [Club Mix] [add]
11. Warrior [Club Mix] [add]
12. D.E.V.I.L. [Michael Woods Remix] [add]
13. And da Drum Machine [Original Version] [add]
14. Phatt Bass [Warp Brothers Phat Mix] [add]
15. Sonic Boom (Life's Too Short) [Quo Vadis Maximus Mix] [add]
16. Scorchio [12 Edit] [add]
17. The Fall [Bedrock Vocal] [add]
18. Sister Sister [the Shining Remix] [add]
19. Sunset (Bird of Prey) [add]
20. The Adventures of... [add]
21. It Feels So Good [En-Motion Remix] [add]
22. Come Together (In Paradise) [Vocal Mix] [add]
23. Rise [Mash Up Matt Darey Remix] [add]
24. Vernon's Wonderland [Pierre Hiver and M. Hammer Remix] [add]
25. Home [Tilts Topline Mix] [add]
26. Falling [Adam Dived Remix] [add]
27. Time to Burn [Original 12 Mix] [add]
28. Feel Reel [add]
29. Dooms Night [Remix] [add]
30. Save Your Life! [Nick Beat Mix] [add]
31. Airwave [Rank 1 Vs. Dutch Force Mix] [add]
32. Sweetness [Michael Woods Remix] [add]
33. Fly Away [instrumental] [add]
34. Home [add]
35. Future! [Jaimy and Kenny D Remix] [add]
36. Do U Believe [Angelic Remix] [add]
37. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad [Red Jerry's String and Breaks Mix] [add]

Ibiza Euphoria (2001) 01. Hide U [John Creamer and Stephane K Mix] [add]
02. 21st Century [Transfer Club Mix] [add]
03. Possession [Original Mix] [add]
04. Papua New Guinea [Satoshi Tomiie Main-Path] [add]
05. The Real Life [Original Mix] [add]
06. Come On (It's Only Love) [Lost Witness Mix] [add]
07. Mystery [Original Mix] [add]
08. Struggle for Pleasure [Rob Searle Remix] [add]
09. Beauty of Silence [Pump Remix] [add]
10. 10 in 01 [Paul Van Dyk Club Mix] [add]
11. Meet Her at the Love Parade 2001 [Fergie Mix] [add]
12. Like This, Like That [Megavoices Claxixx Mix] [add]
13. The Drill [Evacuation Mix] [add]
14. Mash It Up [Matt Darey's Hard on Mix] [add]
15. Fall into Me [Original Mix] [add]
16. Superstring [Rank 1 Original Mix] [add]
17. See Me Here [Original Vocal] [add]
18. Sun [add]
19. Another Chance [Original Mix] [add]
20. Here I Come (Sing DJ) [add]
21. Precious Heart [Original Mix] [add]
22. Strings of Life [11 Minute Curfew Mix] [add]
23. Ibeatza [add]
24. Para Mi [Original Version] [add]
25. Please Save Me [Original Version] [add]
26. The Legacy [add]
27. Such Is Life [add]
28. Always on My Mind [Lange 12 Vocal Mix] [add]
29. Questions Must Be Asked [Kayestone Remix] [add]
30. Suburban Train [add]
31. First Strike [add]
32. Castles in the Sky [Wippenberg Club Mix] [add]
33. Composure [John 00 Fleming Remix] [add]
34. Did I Dream [Album Version] [add]
35. Law Unto Myself [John '00' Fleming Mix] [add]

40 Classic Dance Anthems, Vol. 3 (2001) 01. It's My Turn [Radio Edit] [add]
02. Airwave [Rank 1 Vs Dutch Force Mix] [add]
03. Don't Give Up [Original Radio Edit] [add]
04. Toca Me [Original Mix] [add]
05. Shout (C'mon Let's Shake) [Airscape Mix] [add]
06. Feelin' This Way [Original Mix] [add]
07. The Power of Love [Rob Searle Club Mix] [add]
08. Tell Me Why (The Riddle) [Original Mix] [add]
09. Angel [Radio Edit] [add]
10. Deadline [Original Mix] [add]
11. Reachers of Civilization [Rank 1 Remix] [add]
12. Future EP-Lunar View [Original Mix] [add]
13. Communication [Quake Mix] [add]
14. Luvstruck [DJ Jean Remix] [add]
15. More and More [Vocal Mix] [add]
16. Bullet in the Gun [Original Mix] [add]
17. Blow Ya Mind [Yomanda Remix] [add]
18. Something About U [Original Mix] [add]
19. The Sound of Bamboo [Yomanda Ve Hi-Gate Remix] [add]
20. You Put Me in Heaven With Your Touch [Lange Remix] [add]
21. Sweet Harmony [Original Mix] [add]
22. Anthem [Original Mix] [add]
23. Don't You Want Me [Hooj Mix Edit] [add]
24. There's Nothing I Won't Do [Original Edit] [add]
25. Beachball [Tall Paul 7 Remix] [add]
26. Bellisima [Radio Edit] [add]
27. Turn It Around [Another Mix] [add]
28. Fired Up! [Club 69 Edit] [add]
29. Keep on Jumpin' [Rhythm Masters Thumpin' Mix] [add]
30. Given Up [Radio Edit] [add]
31. Beautiful People [CJ's Vocal Radio Edit] [add]
32. That's the Way Love Is [Rhythm Masters Radio Edit] [add]
33. Crazy Love [Todd Edwards Discofied 2000 Remix] [add]
34. Bingo Bango [Radio Mix] [add]
35. The Time Is Now [DJ Plankton Mix] [add]
36. Must Be the Music [Radio Edit] [add]
37. Hazin' + Phazin' [Vocal Mix] [add]
38. Mambo Italiano [Sharp Floor Rage Edit] [add]
39. I See You Baby [Fatboy Slim Radio Edit] [add]
40. Right Before My Eyes [The Remix Featuring MC Neat Edit] [add]

Dance Anthems, Vol. 2 (2001) 01. Livin' for the Weekend [Canny Vocal] [add]
02. Needi' U [Original Mistake] [add]
03. Everybody Loves the Sunshine [Full Intention Mix] [add]
04. Looking for Love [Don Carlos Love and Devotion Mix] [add]
05. Give It on Up [add]
06. I'll House You '98 [Hitmen Remix] [add]
07. Jumpin' and Pumpin' [Fred and Ginger TP's Edit] [add]
08. Talking With Myself [Canny Remix] [add]
09. Kinetic [Rhythm Masters Melodic Radio Edit] [add]
10. Untidy Dubs Presents Funky Groove [Rhythm Masters Sub Club Mix] [add]
11. Hazel [House Mix] [add]
12. Beachball [Tall Paul 7-inch Mix] [add]
13. Disco Cop [Climax Edit] [add]
14. Caf? del Mar 98 [Original Three 'N' One Edit] [add]
15. Dreaming [Percussion Mix] [add]
16. For an Angel [PVD E-Werk Club Mix] [add]
17. Bora Bora [Jonesey Mix] [add]
18. Kickin' Hard [Klubbheads Euro Mix] [add]
19. Nightmare [Sinister Strings Mix] [add]
20. The Age of Love [Brainbug Mix] [add]
21. Closer Than Close [add]
22. What You Need [add]
23. The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) [add]
24. Tall 'N' Handsome [add]
25. Such a Good Feeling [add]
26. London X-Press [add]
27. Spin Spin Sugar [Armand's Dark Garage Mix] [add]
28. Keep on Jumpin' [add]
29. Not Forgotten [Hard Hands Edit] [add]
30. Energy Flash [add]
31. Night in Motion [Original Mix] [add]
32. Playing With Knives [Quadrant Edit] [add]
33. Born Slippy [add]
34. Better Days [add]
35. U Girls [mix] [add]
36. My Love Is Deep [Nush Vocal Mix] [add]
37. Want Love [Original Mix] [add]
38. Burning [The Blockster Edit] [add]
39. Give Me Rhythm [Full Intention Mix] [add]
40. Deeper [add]

Total Euphoria (2002) 01. Das Glockenspiel [Schill Out Mix] [add]
02. Walking on Fire [Original Mix] [add]
03. Anomaly - Calling Your Name [Pronti and Kalmani Remix] [add]
04. Into the Dawn [Accadia Club Mix] [add]
05. Underwater [Above and Beyond 21st Century Mix] [add]
06. Sunset on Ibiza [Above and Beyond Mix] [add]
07. Will I [Lange Remix] [add]
08. Arms of Loren 2001 [Ferry Corsten Dub] [add]
09. I Won't Let You Down [Darren Tate Vocal Remix] [add]
10. Into the Night [Original Mix] [add]
11. Viola [Armin Van Buuren Remix] [add]
12. Bumper [Gallery Mix] [add]
13. Flash [Nuw Idol Remix] [add]
14. Liquid: MM [add]
15. 7 Years [Original Mix] [add]
16. Dance Valley Theme 2001 [add]
17. Step Back [add]
18. Resurection [Space Club Mix] [add]
19. Outlaw [Praha Remix] [add]
20. Tokyo [Original Mix] [add]
21. One for You [Original Mix] [add]
22. Close Cover [add]
23. Playa Sol [Cyclone Remix] [add]
24. Epic Month [Origina] [add]
25. Razorfish [Above and Beyond Progressive Mix] [add]
26. Sex After Dinner [add]
27. Eternity [the Thrillseekers New Horizon Mix] [add]
28. Light a Rainbow [Wippenberg Remix] [add]
29. On the Move [Riva Remix] [add]
30. Blast the Speakers [Advanced Mix] [add]
31. Music Is Moving [Kumara Remix] [add]
32. Tomorrow [DJ Jam X and De Leon Remix] [add]
33. Open Our Eyes [add]
34. We Can Be Like They Are [add]
35. Hablando [Push Remix] [add]
36. Drifting Away [Original Mix] [add]
37. Everyday, Every Moment, Every Time [John 00 Fleming Remix] [add]

The Very Best of Dave Pearce Dance Anthems (2003) 01. A Little Less Conversation [add]
02. You're a Superstar [add]
03. Heaven [add]
04. Cafe del Mar '98 [add]
05. Insomnia [add]
06. The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand) [add]
07. Missing You [add]
08. American Dream [add]
09. The Real Life [add]
10. Touch Me [add]
11. Rapture [add]
12. Silence [add]
13. Resurection [add]
14. Meet Her at the Love Parade 2001 [add]
15. Precious Heart [add]
16. Castles in the Sky [add]
17. Sandstorm [add]
18. Beautiful [add]
19. Born Slippy [add]
20. The Earthshaker [add]
21. The Drill [add]
22. Phatt Bass [add]
23. The Theme [add]
24. Another Chance [add]
25. Just the Way You Are [add]
26. Right Here Right Now [add]
27. Bang [add]
28. Children [add]
29. Saltwater [add]
30. For an Angel [add]
31. On the Move [add]
32. Greece 2000 [add]
33. Reason [add]
34. I'll Be Your Angel [add]
35. Drifting Away [add]
36. 1998 [add]
37. Don't You Want Me [add]
38. Higher State of Consciousness [add]
39. Lizard [add]
40. Strange World [add]
41. Airwave [add]
42. Xpander [add]
43. Passion (Do You Want It Right Now) [add]
44. Keep Warm [add]
45. Far Out [add]
46. Papua New Guinea [add]

Dance Anthems Classics (2006) 01. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) [add]
02. Tell Me Why [add]
03. Moving Too Fast [add]
04. Thunder in My Heart [add]
05. Say Say Say (Waiting for U) [add]
06. Your Body [add]
07. Mymymy [Stonebridge Remix] [add]
08. Faster Kill Pussycat [add]
09. My Life [Haji & Emanuel Mix] [add]
10. Feel the Vibe ('Til the Morning Comes) [add]
11. Most Precious Love [add]
12. Can't Get Enough [add]
13. Tell Me How You Feel [Young Punx Remix] [add]
14. Superfreak [add]
15. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit [add]
16. Same Man [add]
17. Stepping to the Beat [add]
18. Beautiful [Alt + F4 Remix] [add]
19. Without You [add]
20. Monotone [add]
21. Let Me Be Your Fantasy [add]
22. The Key the Secret [add]
23. Higher State of Consciousness [add]
24. Playing with Knives [add]
25. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [add]
26. Passion [add]
27. Make the World Go Round [add]
28. Where's Your Head At [add]
29. Firestarter [add]
30. Doctor Pressure [add]
31. Strings of Life (Stronger on My Own) [Full Length Vocal] [add]
32. Put 'Em High [add]
33. Call on Me [add]
34. Somebody's Watching Me [Hi_tack Club Mix] [add]
35. Make a Move on Me [add]
36. I See Girls (Crazy) [add]
37. Anthem [Hoxton Whores Remix] [add]
38. Rapture [add]
39. Seven Cities [add]
40. Warrior [add]
41. Born Slippy [add]
42. Castles in the Sky [add]
43. Encore une Fois [add]
44. Not Over Yet '99 [add]
45. Lizard [add]
46. Gouryella [add]
47. Silence [DJ Ti?sto's in Search of Sunrise Remix] [add]
48. Kernkraft 400 [add]
49. 9pm (Till I Come) [add]
50. Sandstorm [add]

Delirium (2007) 01. Lifecycle [add]
02. Silver Aurora [add]
03. House of Muzik [add]
04. Eternal Optimism [Kuffdam & Plant Remix] [add]
05. Medusa [add]
06. Why [add]
07. Free Your Mind [add]
08. Project Norway [add]
09. Anthem [add]
10. Never Tell What You Think [add]
11. Beautiful People [add]
12. Analog Feel [Extended Version] [add]
13. Outsiders [Cosmic Gate Remix] [add]
14. Heaven Scent [add]
15. Nostalgia [add]
16. Drifting [add]
17. Northern Winds [add]
18. Motion Blur [add]
19. Lost Planet [add]
20. Strip Search [add]
21. La Fiesta [add]
22. Time Line [add]
23. Pacifier [add]
24. Speedlimit [add]

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